someone's choice

someone's choice is determine on their lifestyle situation. Whether the fact of being in love is right or not, just to endure the struggles of being in a relationship with a specific partner. But in this world, choice is always corrupted with emotional feelings, being tricked by greed, jealous, lust and more can lead to a lot of drama in one's life.

= In this story, there will be many persons with different lives that are going through the same problem, this will tell how their choice might be beneficial or bad within life.


17. Chapter 10, "A Girlish Scream. " Final




= plotline (f) part 1 wanted: innocent / clubbing little sister



In my father's night club

Jimin was leaning against the counter edge forwards to my face; licking his lips observing me from my head to waist smiling, I admire the way he gazes at me; waiting impatiently for me to answer him about the best drink on our menu, "What will it be, then?" He questioned, as I nibbled through the drawer grabbing the menu and flipping the pages then went to the mango, strawberry rose martini, "Will he likes this?" I asked myself thought and then hum through a sigh.

"What's wrong isn't it good enough for me?" Jimin asked curiously.

My eyes lifts up to his, nervously I blurted, "Uh, I don't know unless you try it, Jimin." His bright smile and gentleness just stir up an electrical wave within my spine, as he watches my name tag and replied, "Taeyeon, I'm sure your choice is going to give me a whirlwind full of roses in my stomach," he jokingly flirted.

"Then I guess your sense is quite good. Wait a second," I informed, as he looks at me suspiciously and smile when I approached the fridge and pull up a couple of mangoes, strawberries, rose; essence water, ice cubes, soju; strong alcohol and three spoons of white sugar. Once I got all the ingredients; Yejin plugs in the blander, "Why we're making this, isn't it called the secret rose adoration martini?"

"Because the customer ask for it," I told her, placing the fruits, seven ice cubes, soju; strong alcohol and rose; essence water into it and then pressed the blander seventh button and began stirring everything together forming a foamy liquid substance. Soon after, I poured the smoothie mixture through a strainer into the mint blue curtail glass, then I mix with sugar and for the finish, I used the heart shape strawberry and mango implanting at the edge of the glass.

"It's done, right?" Jimin asked, "Taeyeon."

I shrugged slightly, timidly responded, "It won't be Jimin, till you drink it and give me your opinion."

Jimin seem quite amused, "Alright, Taeyeon," he takes the glass places it at the edge onto his parted lips and begins to sips the martini, instantly his eyes widen in satisfaction drinking all afterwards Jimin puts down the empty glass onto the counter, "It tastes like sweet, fruity and I felt like I was floating in the clouds with a beautiful angel, she looks like you, Taeyeon."

"You must be insane, there's no way you can see that," I raise my brows, using my index finger dips it onto the leftover smoothie from his glass and taste it; out of the blue, I blinked once and saw a shirtless Jimin dancing with rose in his mouth, winking at me, "You didn't lie," I uttered, he giggles at my expression.

"What did you see, Taeyeon?" Jimin smirked.

I gulped, "Nothing, I mean you," I bite my lower lips, face palming myself embarrassingly, "I wasn't suppose to tell him," I thought, as he eyes twinkle with curiosity.

"Me," Jimin repeated, "So, tell me, was I interesting to look at?"

"Jimin," I blushed, "Gosh no, you're puffy cheeks didn't attract me, though," I lied, immediately his facial sadden.

Jimin frowned, "You should have told me from the start, I wouldn't embarrass myself flirting with you, since I'm not your type."

"Wait, I lie," I said, "Honestly, I thought youwasn't my type Jimin. But I didn't know you were flirting with me," an innocent blush flushed my cheeks.

Jimin smirked, "So you like me?" He grabs my wrist pulling me onto his chest, "Let's ditch this place."

"I can't, there's so much to get done before I live here," I confirmed him, suddenly Jimin calls out, "Hyungs, over here!"

Immediately the guys he came with arrive at the counter, "What's up, Jimin?" The blonde asked, "Are you in trouble again?" Another questioned, Jimin chuckles looking at me and answered, "Kind of, because my girlfriend, Taeyeon."

"How did I end up being your girlfriend, we haven't even been on first date yet," I told them, they raise their brows at Jimin who explained, "What, that's trouble. I want to guys to cover her shift while Taeyeon is with me for our first date, what you say guys?"

"Taeyeon its okay, I got this cover," Yejin blushed, "Plus these guys are cuties," she wraps her arm behind the blackish hair guy neck who began blushing.

"You're sure Yejin," I asked, Yejin frowned.

"Okay, okay, we're going in," I said, they cheered and began introducing each other to me.

"Sister in law, I'm Seokjin, just call me Jin."

" I'm Jungkook."

"J-Hope, but it's Hoseok."

"Namjoon is the name."

"Known as Motionless Min, It's Yoongi, though."

Then lastly, Jimin mentioned, "There's another nicknamed V, but everyone calls him Taehyung but his with some friends attending university, he suppose to be back by now since it's summer vacation."

"Oh, I see," I replied, thought, "Taehyung, I hope he's a different person and not Yejin's older brother," soon I find Yejin looking mouthing, "Get going, Taeyeon."

I removed my apron and handed it to Yoongi, "How should I tie this?" He asked, when I chuckled, "Yejin help the poorly knowledge cookie."

"Aye, Aye captain," Yejin saluted, "Now, now, kids have fun don't forget to use a condom, when you're thinking of doing it."

"Yejin," I whined and blushed, that I wasn't the only one, Jimin was caught in the act awkwardly biting his lips, out of nowhere my father Jaebum appears walking towards us, "Taeyeon, Yejin who are they?"

"They're the newly hired bar staff, I was mentioning to you about last week," I smiled, "This is Namjoon, Yoongi, Jin, Jimin, Hoseok, Jungkook and Taehyung is still ill from his flu."

"Really, that's great. Nice to meet you all, just get to work, Taeyeon will show you the ropes around here," Jaebum smiled.

"About that dad, Jimin and I won't stay, because," before I could finish off my sentence Jimin pops in, "My parents want to my girlfriend, that's why."

My father jaw drop went loose, "And when did this happen? I mean the whole beginning you dating my daughter?"

I answered for Jimin, "Last week, I love you daddy," I hugged and kissed his cheek and quickly grab Jimin's wrist and we ran out of the exit with my voice blurting random things as we burst out laughing, hand in hand running alongside the sidewalks.

"So, where you're taking me?" I asked.

"My house, of course," Jimin cheekily smirked.

"Why," I questioned.

"You know what, you ask too many questions," Jimin replied.

"It's my business to know, Jimin," I told him.

"And it's my surprise to show," Jimin said, pulling closer to his side wrapping his arm around my waist, as my heart began racing like crazy toddlers fighting in the rain over a toy. We kept running a few blocks away from my father's night club turning the corner into an empty alley heading towards the open, where we encounter a beautiful neighbor hood.

"Where's your home, Jimin? Please tell me we're not lost," I frowned.

"Hey, listen I'm not that clumsy, Taeyeon," Jimin rolled his eyes, "Over there," he points at the white and sky blue Italy designed house which was surround with lilies.

"Wow, that's pretty," I complemented.

Jimin giggled, "I know, you're the first girl, I mean girlfriend I ever brought to my house."

"Why am I the first? Didn't you ever date before?" I looked at him.

"No, I didn't had much time because I'm a choreographer and vocal trainer at BigHit entertainment, my job schedule is literally my girlfriend," Jimin sighed, "But, since meeting you I felt you have a kind heart."

I pouted, "That's all you see, Jimin," teasingly frowned letting go of his wrist, about to turn my back on him, until he stops me with a forceful kiss capturing my lips in compassion and whispered, "You're the only girl, that caught my eye that I exactly paid more attention too." He lifts up his lips, staring into my eyes as I did the same, "And not only just that, I can't really stop shivering because you're so close to my heart that loves you."

Jimin's home

I swallow hardly, "Let's go, boyfriend," I blushed; holding his hand then crossed the road carefully and walked into the entrance of his home approaching the front porch; suddenly the door went open revealing a miniature version of Jimin.

"Mom, Jimin is home with a girl!" He shouted running back inside, Jimin laughed, "Don't mind my little brother his always like this, when I bring fry chicken or any meat."

"So I'm your meat," I counted.

"Of course," Jimin coughed, "Not, you taste much better than my favorite meat, trust me, I guarantee it."

I smiled, sucking in a deep breath underneath my lips and enter in as Jimin closes front door from behind. We went further in, I could smell a stewed and vegetables meat being cook while I notice a tall older guy similar to Jimin, I'm assuming his father; began pouring some orange juice into a glass, as soon as he saw me, he stopped.

"Jimin, is she the one you have been telling us about?" He asked, watching the both of us as Jimin started blushing and nod his head.

"Yes," Jimin smiled, he father excitedly beamed, "Welcome daughter in law, did you forget to wear your ring?"

"Uh, I didn't know, Jimin didn't tell me anything about a ring," I said.

"It's right here, dad," Jimin exclaimed, fishing into his jean's pocket whipping out a white gold diamond carat sapphire ring placing onto my marriage finger then leans in and whispers in my ear, "Play along, wifey to be."

"You two, look so nicely together," the beautiful women with jet black hair with chocolate brown eyes, eye smiled at me just like when Jimin did at the night club. She must be his mother.

"Oh, thank you," I bowed and lift my head with a smile, she seem well pleased and can't stop smiling at me.

"Will you stay for dinner with us?" She asked.

"Sure, you're cooking must be brilliant," I told her, as she blushes.

"Jimin, why didn't let us with her early? She's such a well manner young lady," his mother pouted.

Jimin scratched his arm, "Mom, the time wasn't right, but she's here now," he jokingly mentioned, his father laughs.

"Well then, you kids might want some private time, right," his father teasingly winked at Jimin.

"Dad," Jimin whined, "Taeyeon, let's hurry."

Inside his bedroom

"Where too," I told him, he stubbornly roll his eyes at me, taking me upstairs then we went through the hallway, all of sudden his opens a door and walks in, "Aren't you coming in?"

"Uh yeah," I answered, entering what seems to be his bedroom it was fill of posters, be boy stuff, big bang Taeyang toys, skin care products, movie video shelf and stereo that was left on playing hip pop music, "Are you also interest in skin care stuff?"

Jimin throws his self onto his king size comfy bed, "Yeah I am, are you?" He lifts his head watching as I shrugged, "A bit, always want tips for my face and the bags that are underneath my eyelids."

"Just massage it in a circular motion, plus of course wash it every night before you go to sleep, it's simple as that," Jimin told me.

"It's not like I don't know, duh," I rolled my eyes, walking around his room still observing the place, when he asked, "Rom-Com or Horror to the max?" He shows off to two DVDs;  The big wedding or The walking dead.

"Seriously, the walking dead of course," I answered, since I have a major thing for horror films and scary games, it gives me the adrenaline rush, that I like.

"Alright you ask for it," Jimin cockily said, like I was going to be afraid of such nonsense, he slids in the CD into the video player and pressed the remote to on the flat screen television then begins to play the movie, "Crap, there's no pop corn, for this."

"How about we cuddle, if you get scare," I teased.

"Like if, Taeyeon I'm more manly than my father," Jimin admitted.

"If you say so, okay," I shrugged, then sat at the edge of his bed besides him; half through the movie it was pretty much awesome when the zombies ate the people transforming them, the romance section was kind of cute seeing the zombie boy get exactly heart beats and feelings for the girl warmed my heart, even the girl fall for him. While I focus  on the invasion of the zombies, running doing what they want, Jimin alongside me kept hugging my arm tightly yet his eyes glued to the screen like nothing is happening.

"Uh, Jimin are you alright?" I asked, suddenly television went off, which end up living me in a dark room with a screaming high pitch girlish voice, "AH!" Jimin screams trails off, echoing throughout the entire room, suddenly I found myself against bed with something on top of me; embracing my body closely, "Jimin, calm down, the lights just went off, that's all."

"I'm sorry, I'm scare a bit Taeyeon," Jimin gulped, my eye sight began to focus; I realize his eyes were watery, flowing down tears as it dips onto my face. It  hurt my heart to see him so frightened like this, I held him even closer patting his hair gently.

"It's okay, I'm here Jimin," I said, " I'm here to stay." With just those simple heart felt words; Jimin clashes his soft lips onto my mine, immediately my nerves were at hectic-with an enchanting rush as his top lip in-between mine and my bottom lip in between his. Things began getting heavier as he pushed me up against the bed even more; his hands started holding the sides of my shirt helping me get it off throwing off somewhere. His lips continues sloppily kissing downwards my neck as I unbutton his shirt, "Should we be doing this?"

Jimin stopped, facing him, "What do you think, Taeyeon?" He sighed, "Cause we already began and I can't hold it anymore, I can't control myself around you. I wish I knew why, obviously I don't."

"Then we should continue, I'm starting to have second thoughts and half my mind is already being suck in by you and your lips," I smiled, grabbing his shirt's collar and wrapped my legs around his waist as he uses all his strength lifts me up and sits in position with his leg straight on the bed, as I sit against his man happy hour, "You're ready for it?"

Jimin smirked, "Since the day; I laid eyes on you. I have never been more ready than you," he eye smiles, pecking my nose as I chuckled throbbing against his jean's crotch back and forth, his mouth parted in awe, "You're so good, you already got me tire," he jokingly teased.

"Shut up, I'm trying here," I frowned. He gets serious, leaning me on the bed again this time his in between my legs dry thrusting himself on me; as my whole entire melt like ice and he slowly kisses over and over, while his playfully fingers sneaks it way into my bra gently smoothing circular motions on my breast skin; trickling me as I laughed.

"You look childish, when you giggles for me," Jimin bites his lip, smiling.

"And you're a stubborn as a mule; but I love your abs, more," I responded, still chuckling. Instantly Jimin take over my lips, his kiss was even sweeter than before, "I love you too, Taeyeon."

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