someone's choice

someone's choice is determine on their lifestyle situation. Whether the fact of being in love is right or not, just to endure the struggles of being in a relationship with a specific partner. But in this world, choice is always corrupted with emotional feelings, being tricked by greed, jealous, lust and more can lead to a lot of drama in one's life.

= In this story, there will be many persons with different lives that are going through the same problem, this will tell how their choice might be beneficial or bad within life.


8. Chapter 1, " The last chance."




note: "the chapter is split into three scenes maybe."

- long chapters, be ready to eat gummy bears and listen to your fav song while reading.

= plot-line (d) part 1 : "the student."



It's Detention


                      WALKING THROUGH THE HALLWAY, about entering the detention room my sight was instantly amaze by the view in front of me, as I mindlessly blurted, more like shouted, "What the!" I blinked first, then shook my head and asked, "What's going on? Cause if I'm interpreting something here, maybe I should live."

Min Yoongi who's the head of the student council grasp's at my voice, while the substitute student music  teacher Jeon Jungkook who's also my boyfriend apparently they were tough tie at my presence, before I could turn back and run I felt something gripped onto my arm. I observed the face from my side and saw Jungkook facing me with a serious expression.

"Just let go," I said in mono-tone, "Jungkook, if you don't I'll scream."

"Saehyun wait," Jungkook started off, "He was just a mistake."

He tried an explain, but then we were settled at the glass from the window being scattered onto the floor spreading across the room, I realize that Yoongi had thrown the metal chair through the glass. Is he crazy? I thought to myself, noticing how furious he was at Jungkook it was almost like he wanted to tear off his head.

"Just a mistake huh," Yoongi said, "No wonder, Namjoon was right about you. You were always a player from the time I knew you."

I frowned, rolling my eyes and then pushed Jungkook aside and began walking out of the class, when Yoongi hissed, "You little piece of shit, you said you loved me.  That's the way you like me, right," without seconds wasting Yoongi fist clash into Jungkook's face. While running through the hallway, suddenly I bumped into someone, falling onto the ground, "Why don't watch where you're walking?"

"I can't, because I want to know my best friend is crying?" She said. It was my best friends; Juhee, Jihae and Chunhwa.

Chunhwa asked, "Sae, what happen?" They all watched me with concern, before Juhee could speak I interpreted whiny, "At least help me up," then she extends her hand and I took it, "I was about too Sae, till you cut me off," she rudely clicked her tough in annoyance.

"What's with the water works Sae? Did something happen?" Jihae questioned curiously, immediately I got up and thrown myself into her arms and cried.

"I caught Jungkook and Yoongi sandwiching each other on  Mrs. firefly's instrument table," I explained, biting my lower lip, trying to hold back my tears but it wouldn't stop. However; realize my best friends were surprise as ever when they hissed, "What!"

"Oh my gosh, you serious Sae?" Juhee exclaimed.

"Forget about him and move on," Chunhwa suggested, with her hands on her hips.

Jihae comforted me, caressing my hair gently, "Jungkook isn't worth your precious tears Saehyun."

I sniffled, "But, I love him. I can't move on, I need Jungkook," I replied in a shaky voice when Juhee was about to response, Jungkook showed up.

"Saehyun, don't give up on me. I can change baby," Jungkook sincerely gaze into my eyes, approaching us slowly, "I love you and only you angel." Soon Chunhwa screamed, " Stay away from Sae, you ass freak."

Juhee continued, "Jungkook she's your girlfriend. And out of all people, why is my crush Yoongi you had to do it with," she frowned, "Why Jungkook?"

I turned and teased Juhee, "Your crush is Yoongi, you're so in gayness love princess." Juhee wrinkled her nose as she blushed, "Yah, shut up. This isn't about me Sae. Just handle your boyfriend situation please," she said backing off alongside Chunhwa and Jihae, living me to face Jungkook alone. Our eyes locked on sight in frustration and sadness.

Jungkook began again, " Saehyun, please give me another chance. I promise this won't happen again," he worriedly smiled at me, yet there was still some awkwardness between the intention.

Should I, Shouldn't. I don't trust his words either but my heart wants to give him this chance, is he truly going to change, I stood there in thought, still I'm glaring at him, "You can have your chance Jungkook," I notice he quickly sign in relief, "But right now, I think both of us need space to think. You know what I mean, right," I cried in front of him, I knew he would be upset about this.

"Are you kidding, Saehyun," Jungkook sucked a deep underneath his lips, " We don't need space from each. This isn't good for our relationship," he warned.

I corrected, "You don't know that for sure Jungkook. Because we haven't tried it yet, at least do it for me. I trust you Jungkook," I paused, he sighs, "So don't hurt me," tears flowing from my eyes, I left him behind walking off with Jihae, Junhee and Chunhwa. I guess we won't be going home together Jungkook, I thought as we exit the school's compound.


The Apartment


               I sighed, placing the exam music sheet that were done correcting on top of my study shelf then laid against my bed with a headache, sucking in a deep breath in irritation, "Saehyun and Yoongi. I can't choose between two people I love the most," I shook my head, then roll back and forth.

Being a student teacher and lover is so stressful. But it's worth it seeing Saehyun and Yoongi, I can't afford to lose them both, I thought, placing  the pillow down on my bed then checked my I-phone, there was still no text messages or miss calls from Saehyun and neither from Yoongi. None, not at least one call, I frowned, out of the mist within my thought the phone began ringing.

"Could it be, Saehyun," I uttered, picking up the phone and notice the caller identification, was my good friend Kim Namjoon.

Once I pressed the answer button his voice came blasting through my ear drum, "Jungkook, aren't you coming to rehearsal? Yoongi has been kind of depress, he's messing up the entire practice. What happen between you guys?" Namjoon questioned, yawning since he knew Yoongi and I had a small thing for each other although I was currently with Saehyun at the time.

I explained, "Saehyun walk in on us, doing it, so I said 'He was just a mistake' hoping to get Saehyun back."

Namjoon harshly retorted, "Jungkook, you know how sensitive Yoongi is. At least try and apologize to him, Oh yeah Chunhwa had called last night, she told you tell you, 'Idiot, I can't believe he fucking this to Sae, she has been crying in my ears nor stop, Jungkook---Saehyun trust you, so don't make another stupid fault like in your life again or less I'll give Yoongi  ideas to shave your balls off in your sleep for revenge got it dump ass.' Honestly Jungkook, these are her words," he laughed.

She's defiantly serious this time, knowing Saehyun friends they won't hesitate to kill me and feed my body to the fishes, I shivered in fear as I thought that, "I know that already. However, I only have one chance with Saehyun, it's my last I can't ruin what we have, again," I confirmed, "How am I going to make it up to her, Namjoon?"

"Why ask me? Apologize to Saehyun, by being charming and sweet girls love that, I suggest you do the same for Yoongi. But Jungkook you, know you have only one of them right? If I were you I would stick with my girlfriend, because I know there won't be another girl that truly love all of me the way she dose," Namjoon informed.

Somehow, I knew was right cause his always is, about these things because what he had experience in the past with his ex-girlfriend, I can't afford to lost Saehyun, she can offer so much much more than Yoongi, but...I want to let go, but, I sighed in thought, "Thanks Namjoon, I'll keep that in mind. Anyway practice without me for today I'm going to sleep in," I briefly replied.

Namjoon answered, "Okay, but remember to call Saehyun or visit her Jungkook. It's about time you two, patch things up."

"Yeah Namjoon, bye." I ended the call throwing the phone onto my pillow and began to rubbing my temples trying to relax my nerves, unfortunately it wasn't working since I was so stress about the whole one sided love-relationship that mess up. Suddenly I heard a firm knock on my apartment front door, "Who could it be, this early in the morning. I hope it isn't the pizza delivery guy that Yoongi made me bluff last weekend for not paying him twenty bucks for the order , I wondered, approaching the door as soon as I unlocked it, there it reveal Saehyun wearing a warm summer sky blue tank top, black skinny jeans, vans with her beautiful smile  was a astonishing. I couldn't stop myself, from zooming in onto her flawless body curves.

"Kookie, could you at least stop eye rapping me," Saehyun smirked, "And invite me in," then she hits my shoulder playfully more like roughly.

"Ouch, you're such a meanie pie cake," I whined, "Where's I'm sorry, I didn't had the time to call or text before visiting," I arch my brows together in curiosity.

Saehyun pouted, "Do I need too, Mr. spreading legs Jungkooks'," she pass by me, "I thought, I was your special wife. It seems I'm not those lucky girl or should I say guy that has your heart," her eyes watered as she frowned.

What are you saying, you always had my heart, I thought, without commenting, I grabbed her light smooth body into snuggle cuddle embrace, it didn't take seconds she resist moving in my arms under my gentle force entering backwards in the apartment, pushing the door close and locked it. Therefore, both of us there stood still, out of the blue Saehyun breaks the silents.

"Jeon Jungkookie, didn't you take a bath?" Saehyun scolded, "Cause you smell like your armpits, oppa."

I got a little embarrass, after all I just wake up, I giggled, "I'm so glad that I have a weird motherly girlfriend, that can put up with my cute habits," I teased, kissing the tip of her silky nose as she blushes through a chuckle.

"Shut up! And take a shower already kookie," Saehyun warned, pushing me away into the living room even though she weights forty-five pounds she's strong as a tiger, "What are you eating? You weigh a ton," she whined doing a silly expression, puckering out her lips in the cutest way ever.

"Can you get anymore cuter than this?" I teased, Saehyun bits her upper lips trying not to blush pushing into the direction of the bathroom.

"Kookie, kookie, Jungkookie!" Saehyun jumped up and down, rolling her eyes in irritation pouting as I smiled, " Okay, okay, okay, Saehyun, sugar and spice everything nice. I'm going, just make yourself at home."

Saehyun smirked, "Aren't I always at home."

That's the good girl gone bad attitude I fell for in the first place, I smiled in thought and winked at her then I entered the bathroom and took a cold shower.


In the balcony


                   Normally I would take a wonderful tour in Jungkook's fridge. But today, I felt like going outside. Entering the balcony, being welcome by the cool summer breeze it literally calm my nerves and cleanse my mind of thoughts. Viewing the beautiful city scenery was breathe taking, however it reminded me about when Kookie and I first met, becoming love birds.


"Summer break, is almost over and I haven't even finish most of history projects," I pouted, throwing myself against the bed lazily and yawned, When I'm going to get this done? If I don't that would a major problem for me, I thought, plastering my face into my pillow frowning.

"I need to chill," I sighed heavily, " Maybe a cozy warm bath with strawberry and apple scent soap  along with my  favorite rubber duckies Harry and Dick will do," I smiled.

Removing my pajamas and threw it somewhere onto the floor, grabbing my bath towel then wrap my body fully and walk out directly into hall turning the corner and entered the bathroom then opened the shower's pipe above my head, once it began pouring warm water unto my skin. I felt goose bumps raising, I swear I was being streamed in a sauna but it feel so good letting the scented soap scrub away the  excess dirt and massaging my skin smoothly cleaning it, I felt like my body was being wrapped into a silk ribbon all over. With my eyes close, while the water run over my skin I began to sing my favorite song; UNIQ- EOEO.

"Bang, I'll make your ears pop," I sang, sway my arms in the air, "Move your body to body, from your head to your toes," I twirl shaking my hips side to side, "Shake it, brush off the dust-----All the kids who pretend to play, go home."

I wasn't very confident in my singing abilities, but Jungkook always reassured me that he loved hearing my voice cause it has a pretty epic high pitch softness within it, which I fine  really strange, Can't believe, a small body like his has such a cute tone, when he sings it's like marshmallows and candy floating through the clouds, I thought, drooling in between as I kept singing, as soon as I spin and turn facing the exit, I got startle by Jungkook.  Who was standing there, with his head poking through the curtain, "Hey." He giggled.

"Kookie, what the! What are you doing here?" I shouted, covering up my chest with my arms tightly. I notice his blackish-brown hair was getting wet, but he didn't seem to mind it after all as meanwhile his eyes were trailing down my nude socking body, his face lit up with a devious mostly satisfied smirk, "Yah, stop staring, why are you here?" I managed to quickly pull the curtain back, pressing it against my skin, then I realize it reveal Jungkook dress in vest and iron man briefs, I could literally his erection though them as I gulped nervously.

"Uh, you left the front door unlock," Jungkook explained, "Don't tell me you forget I was tutoring this afternoon."

"Oh, really." I rolled my eyes, pretending that I did remember when I didn't, "Well," Jungkook cuts me off, " Saehyun you sure, you didn't want me to join you?" He mischievously licked his lips, smiling playfully.

Although, Jungkook have seen my body a thousands time in a swimsuit since we used to be next door neighbors and sneak out for bath in his parents private pool together, yet I'm still insecure around him, despite; how comfortable he makes me feel. I bite my lower lip, in thought, Don't do anything stupid Jungkook, I'm not ready for this, any of it. Jungkook's tall frame ducked slightly as he went inside and stood underneath the shower, pulling the shower curtain aside blocking the bathroom entrance.

Jungkook smiled downwards at me and pinches my nose, "Why do you hide yourself from me Sae?" He whispered, reaching towards my arms pulling away from my chest and presses his chest against mine, crashing his lips like a rocket ship while his tough seek entrance so I give it to him, I swear set of dynamites began exploding within mouth, it was quite; surprisingly exciting  and epic.


In the middle of my memory lane, the details of the past became rushing in my head it seems much clearer  than before, as I shook my head removing myself from leaning against the railing and let out a heavy sigh face palming my cheeks together and mumbled, "That was intense, though. Even to much for TV," I joked, laughing.

"What was so intense for television, Saehyun?" Jungkook blurted.

I clenched my teeth, turning to face him, noticing his sexy manly body soaking in water droplets. His waist area, covered in a white bath towel and his hair was just dipping, more like waving at me but the soild six pack just hook at 'Hello,' as my jaw flung open.

Jungkook chuckled, "Oh my gosh, shocking, right Sae," he teasingly smirked, "You're loving this aren't you?"

"You're such a show off, Kookie," I clicked my tough, about to walk pass him till he grabbed my wrist pulling me into a sweet soft tenderly kiss, that I missed so much, then lift up his lips.

"I know, you won't give me any more last chances. But I do know, you're worth every breath I breathe," Jungkook kissed my ford head, catching off by surprise.

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