Diary Of An Awkward Teen

This is my entry for the year-round diary competition. This is a time I don't want to forget, as high-school begins in a middle school building and adulthood is less than four years away. Besides most of the names, this is all 100 percent true.


18. The Following Week

On Tuesday, I threw up and was soon sick in bed. However, on Wednesday I returned to school. In first period we made a graph, in second period we started on an essay, in third we did a math packet, in fourth I worked on my project (well, what I could without Ms. Ryder), and in last period we had a pointless message about zombies.

On Thursday, school pretty much went the same. In art, we worked on flashcards; in the other periods, it was the same. On Friday, nothing's had changed; only difference being the feeling of near-completion in our library project.

It's a bit baffling, but over the week Brianna's been slightly nicer to me. I wonder why...

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