Diary Of An Awkward Teen

This is my entry for the year-round diary competition. This is a time I don't want to forget, as high-school begins in a middle school building and adulthood is less than four years away. Besides most of the names, this is all 100 percent true.


2. Summary Of My Earlier Life (June 9, 2001-September 6, 2013)

I was born in Utah in 2001. I learned to walk when I was 14 months, but didn't talk in full sentences until I was four (after talking in one or two words when I was three and a half, in early 2005). That was the same age (in 2004, not 2005) in which I found my primary talent--drawing. I also discovered my ability to write good stories in 2005. Because my father was in the military, we moved from Utah to Texas, and then to Germany. I lived with my mom and dad for five years before they divorced in 2007. However, before my dad left he and my mom gave birth to Ammon, my little brother, when I was a toddler.

After that we moved to Nebraska. We lived with my grandparents for five months before finding our own house. During this time, I attended Grandview Elementary, which made learning fun (which I liked) and landed me with a para (which I hated). In 2008, I also discovered "Twilight" and "Star Wars", the series of my life and the bane of my existence. However, we lived in Nebraska for roughly a year before moving to Provo. There a college called BYU could support Mom's career and give her the training she needed before her success at her dream job. Although most of the students were younger than her, there were a few similar in age.

Ammon and I attended the same school for three years, starting with him in kindergarten and me in the third grade. In fifth grade, my interest in pop music also increased greatly; this is also the year I discovered who Rebecca Black, Britney Spears, and Madonna were. However, in the same year (2011) things did not go very well. As a result, I was transferred to Aviator Elementary the following year. The staff didn't think I had the help I needed to succeed, and hopefully Aviator Elementary could do that.

My new teacher was Ms. Herza. The class operated on a level system. Although the year did not start well, the rest was a breeze. Although I felt challenged at times, most of the work was easy. I was successful there, and remained on Level 4 for most of the year.

Although I wanted to attend Dixon Middle School with my friends, Mom insisted I transfer to a charter school. I went to Washington Charter School and learned from Mr. Thomas, who was also my first male teacher besides Ms. Herza's aide.

However, I only attended for a month before something extremely bittersweet happened. That event brings us to the chapter proceeding the next.

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