Diary Of An Awkward Teen

This is my entry for the year-round diary competition. This is a time I don't want to forget, as high-school begins in a middle school building and adulthood is less than four years away. Besides most of the names, this is all 100 percent true.


10. School In November

The Monday after, we went to the orthodontist for a checkup. But on the way home, I had some sort of incident. From what I was told, my eyes snapped back, my lips paled, and I passed out. Now the only thing that worries me about it is that we still don't know what caused it.

School went pretty normal after that. As the days continued, I began to wear a coat to school. I also seemed to be in a struggle with Brianna, as she was starting to call me names and take my things. However, I finally realized this was because I had teased her several times and she was getting sick of it. I told her I was sorry, and that I'd avoid doing it in the future.

It seemed like I had more missing work than in first term. I was quick to find out what it was, and got it and worked at it until my grades came up.

This week, however, was a short week. On Monday, it was a typical B-day complete with more math, science, social skills, art, and English. On Tuesday, however, a few things changed. We watched a movie in 2nd period, did an interactive freeplay in P.E. instead of a lesson, and we did a Thanksgiving word search in 5th instead of 15 minutes of reading.

Mrs. Hale admitted that she noticed I was teasing a little more this term. I wonder why.

Then I came home and read before playing on our Wii. Then I was allowed on the computer, which is where I've been typing this entry. Thanksgiving Break is soon to begin.

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