Diary Of An Awkward Teen

This is my entry for the year-round diary competition. This is a time I don't want to forget, as high-school begins in a middle school building and adulthood is less than four years away. Besides most of the names, this is all 100 percent true.


6. October 31, 2015

Today was a big party. Mom started by making us clean the house. Ammon vacuumed and did the dishes; I cleaned the bathroom floor and countertop, swept, and put away the movies inadvertently spread out in front of the TV. Then we both cleaned our rooms.

At 2 P.M., the party would start in an hour. Cleaning was done, and it was time to make sure everything was in order. Ammon and I showed Mom our plans for games, as we had written them down earlier that day. A friend named Serena was nice enough to bring toilet paper and soda. Mom pre-ordered pizza for ten via phone, as that was the estimated amount of guests.

Ammon's friend Damon arrived first, as did another named Adrian. My friend Rebecca Brooks arrived next. Then Serena arrived with her twin daughters. All their cars were parked outside the driveway.

We started out by watching a short Halloween movie. Realizing Tyson, Dakota, and Brianna weren't coming, I followed everyone to the next activity--a board game for six. That was fun, besides having to remind people how the game worked constantly. Mom was being a bother about it, too.

Then we played the toilet paper wrap game. Rebecca (my partner) dropped the toilet paper roll literally four seconds after we started, and I shouted at her to hurry and pick it up. She did so and resumed work. Although Rebecca kept dropping the toilet paper roll multiple times after that, we somehow finished second. And then I had to listen through a lecture from Mom about how I could have done better.

Next we ate pizza and soda for dinner. Everyone was limited to one soda can. Rebecca and I helped slice the pizza into eighths before eating dinner on paper plates.

Next we played a game of my own invention--Hide and Duel. I was it. I held two foam sticks and counted to 17. Then I ventured out to find them. I found one of Serena's twins behind an open door, and handed her one of the sticks. We dueled briefly in a match like fencing before I realized the simplicity of her pattern, and made a quick slash in the opposite direction to end the duel.

Because I had won, I was still it.

After searching briefly, I found Ammon hiding in a closet, and we clashed. Ammon attacked in all directions, but with effort I could block his every move.

Serena's twin seemed surprised by the fury of the fight. "Look out! Your swords'll break something!"

"Don't worry," I said, blocking a move from Ammon. "We've done this before."

Eventually I scored a hit on Ammon's face. This zone was forbidden, however, and Ammon won as a result.

I joined Serena's twin on the bleachers. Because Ammon had won, he was it now. He quickly found Damon, and they dueled. Ammon did not expect one of Damon's blows, and parried in the wrong direction. Damon gave a winning blow.

With Damon victorious and the sun beginning to set, we all went trick-or-treating. However, Serena's husband picked up Bridgett early, the twin I didn't duel.

The rest of us set out for the key Halloween experience, an event that comes once a year. An fun event that you know is worth it. Trick-or-treating.

We trick-or-treated around the block and up the next. A few houses were decorated with spooks, one of which even creeped Ammon. Eventually Mom decided we should visit Sean and wish him a happy holiday. We stopped by a few houses on the way there. Although most had standard candy to offer, one gave me a cookie with candy corn wedged in the center, and another had set up a pitstop, where they offered us chili and marshmallows to roast over the fire. Stupid allergies! I thought to myself. I hate being allergic to corn. Couldn't roast a marshmallow and was allergic to the chili. But then I realized I hadn't checked out my treats yet, and while Mom and our friends roasted marshmallows over a prepared fire with some other guests, I checked out what I'd been given and ate one.

When we arrived, Daniel gave us each a treat, and Rebecca and Serena's twin were greeted by Sean's adorable pets, Tempest and Eclipse. I introduced them to the animals. After entering the dining room and finidng a table, we emptied out some of the candy to see what we got. Although I already emptied out some, I took the liberty of emptying the rest.

After that, we walked Rebecca and Adrian home. When we arrived back at our house at last, Mom said she was going somewhere, and to be in bed by 11. Because Mom said we could pick out a movie, Ammon and I watched The Hunchback Of Notre Dame on Netflix. After that, Ammon showered like he was told previously and we went to bed.

It was hard to sleep that night, but no harder than most nights.

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