Diary Of An Awkward Teen

This is my entry for the year-round diary competition. This is a time I don't want to forget, as high-school begins in a middle school building and adulthood is less than four years away. Besides most of the names, this is all 100 percent true.


14. Chirstmas Break

After the bus dropped me off at home, I immediately ran inside and greeted Ammon excitedly. It's over, I thought. The first semester is over. Christmas Break has finally started!

That night, we just relaxed for the most part, drawing, reading, playing Wii, watching YouTube, all that. The next day wasn't much different.

On December 20, we had a movie night in which Ammon chose A Series Of Unfortunate Events. Two days later, we did the same and I chose Hercules.

The day after Christmas, Mom and Ammon slept over at Sean's. I stayed home and went to sleep there, not having planned to spend Christmas and December 26 there. Mom agreed. :)

Ammon slept at our house again the following night, but Mom didn't. Although bedtime was relatively late, it seemed to be the same on December 29th and 30th. I also got a lot of time to update on YouTube and Movellas, which I liked.

On New Year's Eve, we went to a party at Jolene's house. I hadn't been there since the move here. I played with the other kids, all of who were slightly younger, before coming upstairs and having dinner. Afterwards we played a board game, and listened to Sean play his guitar and sing several songs, one of which he made himself. That night, Mom was initially unsure whether or not to stay home and sleep here with us, but finally went back to Sean's house.

On December 2, we went to get our glasses fixed. Mine were bent out of shape, and one of Ammon's lenses had broken entirely.

December 3rd was the last day of Christmas Break. We went to Sean's house for dinner, and ate soup and crackers. In a way, I returned to chess playing after a year.

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