The Zodiac Community

They were divided by labels (after all, this was highschool). They never spoke. They barely knew each other. They had no reason to; they had absolutely nothing in common...until they did. Fate's a funny thing. One minute, you're working on an Astrology project, and the next you're using a metal detector to find a key that could destroy the world, in the case it doesn't unlock a new one. Or you're finding your long lost twin, that wasn't very long lost. Or you're hearing voices in your head, that actually belongs to someone. Or you're almost dying for six strangers. Maybe "almost" is the...wrong...word. Fate's a funny thing. One minute, you're reading about Astrology myths, and of being that could never possibly exist, of a community that could never exist. And then, the next minute, you're living it.


1. Prologe


When twelve children are born in each month, each one on the same date (the twelfth in this case) and each know each's hardly a coincidence. It's hardly a coincidence when each of these children are completely different in their personalities...except for one trait they all share.

Faith. The ability to truly believe in what can't always be seen. In what can't always be proven. The ability to look past the disbelief that circles and encloses them, that traps everyone else in it's gloomy despair. And for children that are faced with difficult struggles, it's important to have faith.

Especially when someone's determined to take that faith away.

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