The Zodiac Community

Look up at the stars; would you ever guess that the stars were watching you back? When twelve children are born, all perfectly aligned with the stars the same year, a horoscope is made...and a dangerous one has just been formed. Rea, Victoria, Alice, June, Aspen, Will, and Alex have came together, and have found their heritage...and are thrown into a quest to find the Zodiac Community, which is where their kind are from. To find the Zodiac Community, they must first discover the Horoscope Keys, and not die while they're at it...which may be proven harder they think.


1. Prologe


When twelve children are born exactly in each month, each one on an exact date-the twelfth to be exact-and each know each's hardly a coincidence. It's hardly a coincidence when each of these children are completely different in their personalities...except for one trait they all share.

Faith. The ability to truly believe in what can't always be seen. In what can't always be proven. The ability to look past the disbelief that circles and encloses them, that traps everyone else in it's gloomy despair. And for children that are faced with difficult struggles, it's important to have faith.

Especially when someone's determined to take that away.

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