The Zodiac Community

Look up at the stars; would you ever guess that the stars were watching you back? When twelve children are born, all perfectly aligned with the stars the same year, a horoscope is made...and a dangerous one has just been formed. Rea, Victoria, Alice, June, Aspen, Will, and Alex have came together, and have found their heritage...and are thrown into a quest to find the Zodiac Community, which is where their kind are from. To find the Zodiac Community, they must first discover the Horoscope Keys, and not die while they're at it...which may be proven harder they think.


3. June

 She had really thought she would get by unnoticed today, too. Usually, her five inch black heels, messy bun, and bright white shirt alerted students-and teachers-of who she was immediately. Queen Bees had a strict outfit policy, and you either followed it or buzzed off. There was a strict class code as well, but June had never really followed that one anyways.

June Falls was one of the few girls who hadn't been apart of the original QBs, but one that was somewhat chosen to become one. It helped, of course, that her parents were friends with the head QBs parents, and that Kyla had taken an immediate liking to her.

But, rules were rules, and this nerdy star's class was so off limits, but June didn't care. Her entire Pinterest (which had been declared stupid by Kyla three years ago) was filled with random posts of Gemini sayings and doings, and horoscopes in general. So what if her friends didn't like stars; she did.

But, that didn't really matter if the entire class knew she was here. Yesterday, Annabelle and Will had been partnered with her, thank God. It's not like the QBs would listen to them, anyways. But there were some people that would just love to ruin her reputation...or maybe just the Queen Bees in general.

"Today, we will be talking about the history behind the Zodiac Signs," Melanie said, still dressed in the same velvet robes, plastic rings, and old beads. She looked as if she had been picked straight from a fairy-tale. "Yes, Aquarius?"

"I didn't think that Zodiac Signs had much history to them," Alice said. June tried not to roll her eyes from the back of the class.

"Why, of course they do! Everything as a history," the old lunatic looked in the back of the room. Not at me,  June chanted in her head. Not me. "Our Gemini back there knows that,"

June cursed in her head. Everybody's heads were turned to her, a feat she usually enjoyed, but today was different. This class was different.

"Uh, sure," she said. "If something didn't have a history, then it wouldn't be there."

"Very wise words," Melanie said quietly. "But, alas, we still have a project to do. Everyone, please go back to your groups you were in yesterday and we will start the work."

June got up from the back of the classroom, her heel clicks drawing even more attention, but she barely batted an eyelash; everyone already knew she was here. Everyone knew who she was.

"So, our first order of business," she heard Will say as June sat down. "Is to decide who is doing what."

"Afraid you'll do all the work?" Rea asked sarcastically. June snorted; as if he would get over piled with work. Will glared at the two of them. "I'll look up the history. You can help me with that Will. Just jot down notes on whatever you find. June, will you start on the posterboard?"

"Ya, I guess," June said, trying not to sound to excited. But, God, she hadn't been able to draw in forever. Kyla thought that was kinda nerdy too. 

The group worked in silence. It was the easiest option. Speaking to each other was acknowledging you were friendly enough to have a conversation, and none of them should have been even considered friends; the jock, the book nerd, and the prep. But, June supposed they were all just labels, nothing to actually lived by. 

She started simply by separating it into three sections, and titling each. Reaching into her satchel bag, June pulled out her pack of markers and colored pencils, and then just went to work, shading and doodling. Star signs dotted the outside, and she left plenty of room for  the information. It was a simple routine she had practiced many times, usually with Rea, but that didn't make the silence any more comfortable.

"Hey, Will, what element does your sign have?" June asked him, drawing a burst of wind next to her own.

"Fire, cause Aries bring the heat," he said confidently, smirking as he copied something down from his computer.

"With their huge egos they sure do," Rea muttered darkly under her breath. June snorted, but left the topic alone of egos; her own was probably bigger than most.

"How are you translating any of this Rea?" Will asked, out of the blue, peering over at Rea's notes.

"What do you mean?" She asked him back, frowning at her notes and then at her computer screen. "It's written in English."

"No, it's not Rea." June said, taking her own look at the old text on the screen. "It's, like, hieroglyphics."

"All it's telling is the legend of the horoscope," she murmured, shying away from Will and June's accusing looks. "I don't know why it looks different on my screen then yours." She peered over at Will's computer, and frowned. "It looks exactly the same; in English. Are you two okay?"

"Fine, thank you very much," Will snapped, shutting his notebook angrily.

"We're aren't the ones reading hieroglyphics," June said cooly, at the same time, and Rea just shrunk away more. June felt a tiny twinge of guilt, and looked over at Will; he was glaring at the undecipherable doodles on his own page, and glancing at Rea's again. 

"What does it say?" she asked gently, trying to coo Rea back out from her safety shell. A red blush had crawled up the girl's neck, and June knew it was from the attention her and Will and placed on her.

"Just about the legend of a horoscope," Rea muttered, still scribbling furiously. 

"Like the zodiac sign predictions?" Will asked, his brow knitting together.

"No, like, well..." Rea trailed off a little, and June recognized the look: trying to figure out how to word something carefully. "A horoscope has two meanings I suppose. One, is the future thing. But the other is when children, all born in one of the twelve signs, join together. It was said that it could make the powers stronger, when their horoscope could join together."

"They had powers?" June asked, questionably. 

"Well, their element power, I mean." Rea babbled, looking at her screen. "It also says they had positions; librarians, warriors, fighters, trainers-"

"Who is they?" Will demanded, interrupting impatiently. Rea blinked.

"The people of the Zodiac Community, of course," a voice answered for her. Another blush crawled up Rea's neck, June noticed, as she turned around to see Melanie standing there, peering down at the trio. 

"Who?" Will asked, and June knew he had the type attitude that didn't make him feel bad when he didn't know something. Quite the opposite-the person who knew it was the stupid one, as it was weird if Will didn't know it. As far as he was concerned, at least.

"Children these days," Melanie muttered, looking up at the ceiling and shaking her head. "The Zodiac Community was, as the name implies, a Community of people who believed that the stars were trying to send them a message by arranging themselves in pictures. They strongly believed that people could see the outline of their own sign only when they were ready to receive the wiseness of being a member of the Community, and the power that came with it."

"I've never heard about that," June admitted, looking at Rea for support.  But Rea had that stupid far away look she often got, when she was living in a different world in her head. "Right, Rea?"

"Hm? Oh, no, I've heard of it. My mom used to tell me stories about it, except they were sweet and nice ones-"

"There is nothing sweet or nice about people who will cut your tongue out if you disrespect their star sign," Melanie warned Rea, shaking her head. She hobbled away, moving onto a different group.

"That was weird," June concluded.

"All agreeing of not talking about any of this class?" Will asked, raising his hand. June stuck hers up immediately, her bracelets jingling as she did, but Rea didn't. After a second or two, she finally did.

"Glad we can all agree," June muttered, going back to work on the poster.

They worked in silence, once again, for the rest of the period. But, if June would look up, she could see Rea's mouth moving to the words on the screen.

"What are you trying to say," June finally snapped, as the bell rung. Rea frowned, looking at June.

"I wasn't trying to say anything."


On June's walk home (well, really, the walk to her car) she happened to run into Rea again. The dark haired girl was leaning against June's silver Volo, her eyes covered in sunglasses. They were cute, June thought, but unnecessary; Rea had pretty eyes.

"What do you want," June greeted her rudely, stopping in front of her. She wanted to say sorry as a flicker of hurt washed across Rea's face, but stopped herself. The parking lot wasn't Astrology class, and Rea had to know that; Kyla could be anywhere around, and June didn't have room to not follow the rules.

"I wanted to talk to you about what you asked me in Astrology class today. About what I was...saying." Rea finished lamely. 

"Do we have to do this now," June said, wrinkling her nose. Rea thought it over a moment, and then shook her head. June looked at her; the sunglasses covered half her face, and she was wearing high waster jean shorts and a cute tank-top, with a little white cardigan over it. She looked quickly over her shoulder, and then stalked past Rea, whispering two words.

"Get in."

June slammed her driver's door closed, as Rea hopped into the passenger's side.

"Try not to be noticed," June ordered her, hoping Rea would keep her head ducked. "If Kyla see's you, well, you know it yourself. She hates you. She'll hate me. And I am so not losing my social status over you muttering some mojo words."



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