The Zodiac Community

They were divided by labels (after all, this was highschool). They never spoke. They barely knew each other. They had no reason to; they had absolutely nothing in common...until they did.
Fate's a funny thing. One minute, you're working on an Astrology project, and the next you're using a metal detector to find a key that could destroy the world, in the case it doesn't unlock a new one. Or you're finding your long lost twin, that wasn't very long lost. Or you're hearing voices in your head, that actually belongs to someone. Or you're almost dying for six strangers.
Maybe "almost" is the...wrong...word.
Fate's a funny thing. One minute, you're reading about Astrology myths, and of being that could never possibly exist, of a community that could never exist. And then, the next minute, you're living it.


1. Chapter 0

Thirteen children.

The best way to start out any story, I have found, is to begin with knowing the main characters. In this story, it is thirteen children, though you won't meet all of them at once. The first half of the thirteen are there, in the beginning, standing in plain view. Others, the rest of the Horoscope of the Ophiuchus, are hidden in the background of the storyline. But, for the moment, only the first seven are the important.

As many of you mathematicians must know, thirteen divided by two is not seven. Rest be assured, my memory is not frayed by time, or tinted by dementia, though it may have been captured with quite an insane lense in. There were thirteen children in the Ophiuchus Horoscope, as Ophiuchus is the thirteenth zodiac sign: an extra sign that adds one more sign to the Zodiac Wheel (giving it a total of thirteen signs, for the mathematicians referenced above). But the Ophiuchus also stands for something foreign, something that shouldn't exist. (And you can't have 6.5 people, anyways).

The most basic lesson there is; a horoscope is made up of twelve people, each with a different zodiac sign, similar to the way a zodiac wheel is made up of twelve zodiac signs. The signs, as most people are aware, are as follows: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. When a horoscope is formed, usually because of a prophecy or a need for a hero, every person in the horoscope becomes more powerful. When in combat, and the twelve are perfectly in sync, when they connect and they become mighty enough to force all of the constellations in the sky to connect, the twelve of the horoscope share each other's strength, the other's powers.

I apologize. I don't mean to throw all of this at you so quickly; it takes years for new recruits of the Community to understand, to even to begin to process the power and the destiny they've been recruited into. Most, of course, have the advantage of getting to face trials, and have time to understand the magic. I'm afraid you do not. 

You must understand the Horoscope of Ophiuchus's story. You must understand why it was quite impossible for them to exist, how they should have torn each other apart. You must learn their names, their strengths and weaknesses, and try to understand how it is possible. You must learn to wield the power. And, you must face the Test of Fears, and become a member of the Zodiac Community. It is the only way we shall be saved.

As for who I am, that is not important at the moment. I am only here to tell the tale that has been given to me. I hope you'll come to understand. I hope you can handle the power. I hope you remember your star sign.

Sincerely, The Scribe

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