What Can You Do

Lauren Julia White, beloved author, directioner, and the most ignorant but awesome person i've ever met, takes her original quaits to teach us that, you need to calm the hell down and stop caring so much for other people.


3. "Life Goes On"

I mean, every time I've ever had a problem, Lauren has never been there to fix it. Her simple and clever response is, "Life goes on", usually accommodated with a shrug. Maybe even an impression of her pam, mom. Other things i've spotted are her adding are "well ya know" in front of it. 

But she has definitely spread a trend. madosin, andra, and olive are saying it by instinct, while also iszbella wash and juan are saying it too. Even olive's internet friend Macie in Texas is saying it now!!!!!!!!!!@@#$

Here's an example: "LAREN LAUREN I JUST GOT HIT BY A CAR""

"Well, life goes on guys." *shrugs intensly*

*person dies*

"I correct myself, life goes on, but not for you!!" *laoren cackles immensely*

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