What Can You Do

Lauren Julia White, beloved author, directioner, and the most ignorant but awesome person i've ever met, takes her original quaits to teach us that, you need to calm the hell down and stop caring so much for other people.


1. Lauren's introduction

Lauren Julia White was birthed on Black Friday, which sucks because her parents honestly just want to take her out to get a present that day while people run over her like a racer because she isn't exactly tol. I wouldn't be surprised if Dillon Davenport was one of the many drag racing over top of her. Anyways, ever since she was young, Lauren actually never got involved in books or writing. Unless it was Harry Styles fan fiction, Lauren stayed steer clear of it.

At the age of now fourteen, loren barley understands english as it is, but still has the nerve to correct your to you're. 

Although ana marcuchi and olive gangrigorio do love laurn with all there hearts, and when they see lurn they go all gjnfkohgfiodphgkjfs for her, we will never truly know how Laure feels.

But as she will teach you in this book, what can you do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

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