The Flame That Burns The Brightest

What I am you wouldn't believe. I am immortal and I have been around for a long time and this is my story of how I saw the world and who I am. Wait till you see how things happened through the eyes of a warrior and shape-shifter.


1. The Beginning







  . . . The day I was born was the day of when spring sprung on an lunar eclipse. The flowers gave off a soft glow and such a sweet fragrance, and that's how I got my name, Ami, which means sweet. I was born in Ireland to the Costello clan and Tenshi clan. My mother, Yin Costello, and my father, Kiba Tenshi, meant when my mother was hunting. And that is when it all started. . . 

  'The sun is setting and it's turning into twilight and yet I have found NOTHING!' I ranted in my head while I continued to walk. "Oh sure big brother I'll go out hunting for you. Even though the deer are long gone!" I stopped after I said that out loud. "Oh great I'm going crazy." I mumbled when a twig snapped behind me. I turned fast with my bow up with four arrows knocked and ready."Who's there?!" I yelled while my eyes darted around searching the shadows. "Woah there no need to bring a weapon in this." A dark husky voice rang out from the shadows. "Well then show yourself!" I yelled my patience running thin. "Okay feisty." The voice said and a man walked out of the shadows. My cheeks turned red when I looked him up and down. His skin was a dark tan, and his hair black and short and curly, while his eye's were a beautiful hazel that seemed to glow in the dying light. Now what he was wearing is a different story. He was wearing a black jacket that went down to his hips and had no sleeves and had a hood that wasn't up now and it was unzipped showing off his bare chest. For his pant's he was wearing lose pant's that went down to his knees then he had bandages from his knees down to his feet not wearing any shoes. Also two bottom lip piercings. "Well well seems I crossed into a shifters territory." He said while smirking and he flashed his fangs at m. "And it seems a bat has falling into my line of aim." I retorted and narrowed my green eyes at him. "Again feisty. I like feisty." He said and my cheeks burned. "S-shut up! Stop trying to seduce me!" I yelled and he laughed. 'That fucking jackass!' I thought angrily. (A/N: Sorry for swearing but get used to it cause she has a sailors mouth.) Once he stopped laughing I stated to get tired. I mean anybody would be if they haven't slept in 42 hours. I blinked when my vision started to go black. "Hey are you alright?" He asked but that was all I heard and saw before I blacked out. 

 When I woke up it looked like it was night time. I sat up slowly and looked around and saw I was back in my room at the castle for my clan. 'How did I get back here? All I remember is. . .' My eyes widen and I tore back the covers of my bed and jumped off when I heard my shoes clack against the stone. I blinked and looked down and saw my clothes still on but my weapons were off and laying on my desk. "How?" I asked softly then felt the night chill and I turned my head to the window I usually keep close. I walk over to it and place my hands on the sill and lean out and look around. 'He isn't here. . .' I thought and was wondering if it was my imagination but dismissed that because I was still in my clothes. "Where the hell is he?" I questioned out loud when I heard a silent chuckle. I blinked and then tilted my head up and saw him crouched on the wall looking down at me and his hazel eyes glowing in the night and his fangs out while he smirked down at me. I gasped and stepped back and he flipped in and the candle was blown out my the wind. I stepped back and bit my lip and he took a step towards me and it kept going like that when I hit the wall and he was standing in front of me. He stopped in front of me and put his hands on the side of my head and just looked into my eyes. 'What is he doing?' I thought and my eyebrows furrowed and he leaned down towards my neck and my eyes widen. "Wh-" I was cut off when I heard a knock at my door. We both stood still and when the door handle started to turn all I heard was a whisper saying Kiba and he was gone when I blinked. When the door fully opened I saw my big brother standing in the door way. "Yin what are you doing?" He asked and came in to my room and shut the door. "Uh nothing?" I winced when it came out as a question and a look of disbelief flickered over my brothers face. Then he sighs and goes and sits on my bed. "Father is anger and ready to go to war." He said with his head down to the ground and I stood there with confusion on my face. "What do you mean?" I ask and study him looking for the answer I knew was going to come. "One of our kin was killed today by the neighboring clan." He said and looked up at me with the same green eyes that I had. "You never told me the name of that clan big brother." I said and put my hands on my hips and tilted my head with an eyebrow raised. He tensed and ran his hand through his hair and looked up at me with eyes I've never seen on him before. "The Tenshi clan. . . The clan that I told you to stay away from is the Tenshi clan." He said and I blinked and almost staggered backwards. ' The Tenshi clan is a vampire clan. . .' I thought and my thoughts wandered back to him. 'He said his name is Kiba.' I look at my brother and bite my bottom lip and close my eyes then opened them. "Brother who was killed?" I asked and I knew I was not going to like the answer not the way way he is now tensing and his eyes burning with sorrow and unshed tears. "M-my mate. . . They killed her. . . They killed Joy!" He yelled and the tears fell and his shoulders shaked from the quiet sob. I stood there shocked still with wide eyes and my heart felt like it stopped. I fell back against the wall looking at the ground trying to process what he just said. 'H-he has to be lying. . . He has to be. . .' Even my thoughts were doubting what he just told me. I growled in anger and my fist slammed back onto the wall and looked out my window. My brother calmed down and looked at me with hardened eyes and he stood up and walked out the door. I blinked and looked at the spot where he was just at then I realized what he's going to do. 'No.' Was all I thought when I took off after him but he was already gone and I ran to the throne hall. "Father!" I yelled when I went through the door way and saw all of the clan warriors in here. My father stood up and he looked at me. "Yin what is wr-" I cut him off by saying the words he never wanted to hear. "He went after them!" I yelled and he stood shock stilled and he nodded and my eyes hardened and I knew what he was saying. "Go." Was all he said and I took off back to my room and once I got there I grabbed my bow and arrows, daggers, and needles. After I put my daggers on my belt I ran to my window and jumped out of it and my wings busted out from under my shirt and I took off flying looking for my brother.

  After awhile of flying I saw him in his full wolf form running to the border of the other clan. I dove down to him and saw there was an ambush waiting for him and my eyes widen. "Light!" I yelled and tried going faster but he heard me to late and they were upon him before I could blink. Expect one did not go after him and that one had black hair and glowing hazel eyes. He ran and pulled back his kin from my brother and stood in front of him. I landed beside him and took out my bow and had arrows knocked and Kiba had a sword out raised in front of him. "We will not fight them understand." He said but he didn't lower his stance and neither did I. "Big brother you okay?" I asked but never took my eyes off of the ones I had aimed at Kiba's kin. "I'm fine just a few scratches but I'm fine." He said and I knew his eyes were on Kiba and he was getting curious as to why he was helping us. "Back down Kiba and know your place." The one in front of the other vampires said to Kiba. He was about to move when I spoke up. "He doesn't have to move and I have questions and you better answer them." I said my voice steady while inside I was hoping to buy time for us. "I don't have to listen to a-" I cut him off by growling and my brother stood up and came and stood by my side. "You're talking to the heirs of the Costello Clan and if you kill us you'll have a war on your hands." My brother said stating the threat and I know Kiba was looking at me through the corner of his eyes shocked. The other vampires were shocked but then kneeled down with their head bowed. "We are deeply sorry we did not know that you two were the heirs." The one that talked to Kiba said and I nodded. "Now that you know I have some questions that I want to be answered." I stated and he nodded applying that he will answer. "Did you kill one of our kin." I said and say my brother stay stock still. "No that was a rouge vampire we have been chasing." He stated and I nodded and looked at my brother. "That is all I wanted to know and now we will leave thank you for answering my question." I said and turned around putting my bow and arrows away. My brother looked at me and he nodded and our wings came out and we took off into the sky flying back to our home. Not knowing Kiba was watching me and that I catched his eye. 

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