Avengers - Nightmares from Midas

The Avengers are in for quite a scare when they accidentally leave their friend and fellow superhero, Midas, in Antarctica after battling a small base from Hydra. His love and friendship for the Avengers team and their friends, along with his crush on Bruce Banner (A.K.A the Hulk) turns into a dark hatred before he dies with an even darker promise. To get revenge on the Avengers for letting him die alone when they promised they would save each other or die together.


1. Note from the Author

    Other than some of the mini stories I’ve written on Marvel, this is probably my first “actual” or at least, full fanfiction. This is actually based off I dream I had, so if some of it doesn’t make sense, I’ll explain it. (Whether right away or eventually…)


    Since this is based off a dream, a lot of the layouts for the tower are probably not even close to the actual layout. I’ve drawn a little picture of the layout in the dream for all those who might get confused. Don’t worry. I got confused too in the dream.


    I decided to write this, because for one, it’s pretty good to me, for two, I haven’t gotten to write any Avengers stuff for a long while, and for three, it freaked me out. If it freaks me out, it has to be good, because it takes alot to scare me even a little.


    Since this is a written version of the dream, it will take a lot off the jump scares in my dream. THERE WERE A LOT OF THEM. It sucks that it can’t be a movie or video or something, because it would be a lot better. Midas gave me about a hundred heart attacks, not counting all the stuff he does later that is just pure evil.


    Anyways, I hope you enjoy. If you do, please comment, like, or favorite. If you comment, however, about the characters going OOC or the layout being dumb, then I hope you never read any of my other fanfictions. IT WAS A F*CKING DREAM. GET OVER IT.


    Midas is an OC that appears every time I have a dream about the Avengers. If he looks, acts, talks, or relates to any living being, hero, villain, or anyone else, it's pure coincidence. 



Uchini Masakaki

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