Avengers - Nightmares from Midas

The Avengers are in for quite a scare when they accidentally leave their friend and fellow superhero, Midas, in Antarctica after battling a small base from Hydra. His love and friendship for the Avengers team and their friends, along with his crush on Bruce Banner (A.K.A the Hulk) turns into a dark hatred before he dies with an even darker promise. To get revenge on the Avengers for letting him die alone when they promised they would save each other or die together.


4. Chapter Two - Bruce & Tony

Chapter Two Bruce & Tony


    Bruce Banner didn't get to sleep for long. He was wakened only a couple minutes later by a scratching sound coming from the front door of the floor. The dark eyed man stood up with a yawn and walked down the hallway to the door as the sound grew louder. When he arrived in front of the door, the scratching stopped, but when he went to open the door, something suddenly hit the door loudly, making Banner jump back a bit. He opened the door quickly to see who was messing with him, but no one was there.


“What the… There’s no one here…”


    He shrugged, closed and locked the door then turned to walk away before stopping a little ways down the hall at the sound of the door opening. He quickly turned around to see no one was there.


“This is getting strange…”


    The scientist hurriedly closed the door and speed walked down the hall into his room as a dark figure stood in front of the front door. He laid down on the bed as he tried to think about what could have opened the door before turning over and nearly screaming at the sight of Midas’ face grinning at him on the outside of the window. Banner fell out of bed as the face vanished before yelling for the others.


“Banner! What’s going on?!” Tony yelled as he ran in with the Captain, Natasha, and the others close behind


“I s-saw him! I-It was Midas! He was at the window!”


Steve looked out the window where Bruce was pointing to “There’s no one there, Bruce. We’re in one of the tallest towers in New York anyway, no one could be up here.”


“He’s right, Banner.” Thor agreed


“I know what I saw, and it was him!”


“Bruce, calm down buddy, okay? Just get some sleep and you’ll be fine. We’re going to go back to our nice, warm beds too.”




    The heroes left and went into their own rooms except for Tony who went to the bar/kitchen to get a drink.


“I must admit, I do miss Midas a bit, but I'm not to the point where I'm hallucinating him being around or near me.” he said, as he flipped off the light switch


    Even though he turned off the lights, they came back on. He tried again, but instead they started flickering on and off. Stark walked over to the fuse box and saw a scary sight. The switches were turning off and on by themselves.


“What’s going on?!”


    He turned around to just leave and go to his room, but he froze at the new sight. Right in front of him was a dark figure, dripping with water. His golden blonde hair was soaked and along with his shirt and coat. His eyes still glowed, but they seemed to swirl together.


Hello, Tony Stark. Or should I say, Iron Man?


“M-Midas?... Is that you?...”


What’s wrong, Tony? Did you think the dead couldn’t come back?


“You’re dead?! I thought you just somewhere else!”


You fool! I was trapped below the ice! I drowned and you guys didn’t care!


Tony backed away as the ghost neared him “We thought you were alive and that you had just left!”


I’m not like you guys, idiot. I don’t leave behind a friend, even if I thought he was safe. You left me to die!!


Midas screeched an flew at Tony, but he was faster. Stark dodged him and ran down the hall into Banner’s room where he slammed the door shut. He quickly put in his ear piece and connected to Jarvis as Banner sat up in bed.


“Jarvis, I need you to do a scan around the house for anything moving. Preferably something dead or undead.”


Instead of an answer, he got static before a familiar voice whispered “All of you will pay for letting me die... All of you will pay… All of you…”


“Tony, what’s wrong?! You look more pale than a ghost!”


“That’s exactly it… a ghost… “


“Does that mean you saw him? You saw Midas?!”


“Yes… but… he’s dead. We couldn't find him, because he was trapped under the ice and drowned… He thinks we knew and that we left him there to die…”

Bruce sat on the floor next to his fellow scientist “So he is dead… And now he’s coming after us for revenge...”

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