Avengers - Nightmares from Midas

The Avengers are in for quite a scare when they accidentally leave their friend and fellow superhero, Midas, in Antarctica after battling a small base from Hydra. His love and friendship for the Avengers team and their friends, along with his crush on Bruce Banner (A.K.A the Hulk) turns into a dark hatred before he dies with an even darker promise. To get revenge on the Avengers for letting him die alone when they promised they would save each other or die together.


3. Chapter One - Memories & Promises

Chapter One Memories & Promises


    The dark haired man sat quietly looking out the window of the tower as he thought about his missing friend. He let out a sigh before turning around at the sound of footsteps approaching him.


“You’re still awake?” asked the red haired woman as she walked over to him in her night robe


“Yeah… I can’t seem to sleep…”


“Banner, we all miss Midas very much. It’s not your fault that he’s-”


“It is my fault, Natasha. Midas is gone, because I didn’t try hard enough!”


“Bruce, calm down! Please, just stay calm. I’m sorry this happened…”


Banner turned away and closed his eyes “He was only nineteen years old… He was going to turn twenty soon. He was going to learn archery from Barton and how to shoot a gun from you. Tony was going to teach him about Robotics… He wanted to learn from everyone and now he can’t… “




“How can I live knowing that?” he turned back to Natasha “How can I live knowing that a nineteen year old boy with a bright future is dead, because I didn’t try hard enough to find him and save him?!”


“Bruce, I’m sorry. We all tried to find him. We tried our best. I’m sure Midas is fine. He’s out there somewhere, okay?”


“Still… I feel terrible… “


“Let’s get some sleep. You’ll feel better in the morning, okay?”


“Yeah… “


    Bruce and Natasha walked together towards the bedrooms where they parted and went into their seperate rooms. The dark haired man sat down on his bed and looked over at a picture of him and his friends. In the front was himself getting hugged by a boy with golden blonde hair, next to them was Tony who was messing with Captain America, or Steve Rogers. Barton stood on the other side of them with Natasha while Thor, Vision, and Fury were behind them.


    Banner chuckled and sat the photo down then picked up a different one. In this one, it was the same blonde boy with a grin on his face as he was getting carried by Bruce on his back. His goggles covered his eyes, but they couldn’t hide the glowing gold and silver gems beneath them.


“Midas… “ he frowned a little and sat the picture down before laying down on the bed


    The scientist closed his eyes and started to dream of the memory when he first met the true Midas after their battle with the once evil villian.




“Bow down to me, greedy humans! I, King Midas, will have mercy on you, only if you listen to me and make me your king!”


“Not so fast, Kingy.”


The blonde man turned around to see another man made of red and gold iron “Iron Man! Ha! Have you come here to fight me?!”


“I’ve come here to talk.”


“No!” King Midas jumped up and swung his staff at Tony, but he just shot out a beam, hitting Midas in the chest and knocking him down to the ground


“Nice talk, but a little short.”


    The other Avengers made their way over and surrounded the blonde on the ground. King Midas stood up quickly and looked around him at the heroes before smirking.


“Do you plan on killing me? Or taking me to jail?”


“No, we want you to turn everyone you turned to gold and silver back to a living being.”


“What if I say no?”


Iron Man chuckled “Then I’ll let Hulk here have a new play toy.”


“O-Okay! Okay! I’ll turn them back! But only because I don’t like getting chewed strong, green monsters!”


    Tony took Midas around the city and they turned everyone back to normal, including the buildings that Midas could fix within minutes. When they were done, they all took Midas back to the tower where they talked to him.


“We’re just curious about you, kid.” Steve Rogers said as they all sat down on either a couch or chair “We just want to know who you are and why you attacked our city.”


“Well…” Midas looked over at Bruce and blushed a little before looking at the ground “My name is Midas. I was an experiment some Alchemists were working on, but I escaped.”


“A failed experiment?” Thor asked with a raised brow


“Do I look like a failed experiment?”


“Well… Sort of… You look more like a punk who has powers.” Clint chuckled


“Anyways... I figured out what my powers were pretty quickly after some guards tried to stop me from leaving in the woods near the lab. The first guy I looked straight in the eyes and he turned to a silver statue. The second I shot with golden beams out of my palms. The third guy I tied up with gold and silver strings or something that came out of my finger tips….”


“Not to be mean or anything, but please don’t make eye contact or point your finger at anyone. ‘Kay? It’s not nice to point.” Tony said, backing away a little


“I have goggles and gloves that keep me from just randomly hurting people, idiot!” Midas yelled as he pointed to his brown and gold eye wear and brown gloves


“So, Midas, what made you become evil? If you don’t mind telling us.” Banner asked curiously


Midas turned to him before quickly looking away “I was stuck in that lab since I was an infant. The head guy had taken me from the orphanage and raised me at his lab. I learned from him that humans are stupid and greedy and that they need a perfect ruler. I grew up thinking I was perfect, like gold… So when I ran away, I wanted to take over the world and prove I was powerful.”


“That’s not the best reason I’ve heard someone say when they try taking over, but it gets a few points.” Black Widow said as she smiled before taking a drink of water


“Thanks, but I don’t think I want to be evil anymore. It’s too tiring.”


“Then be a hero like us!” Thor laughed


“Isn’t that tiring too though? Making sure everyone lives and making sure that the end of the world isn’t being caused by a rich playboy?” Midas said, making the others laugh as Tony rolled his eyes


“Very funny, so are you with us or not?”


“Hm…” Midas looked around the room at each of the heroes “I’m in. You guys look fun.”


“Oh don’t worry, we are. Except that one. He’s a party pooper.” Stark said, pointing to Rogers


“Really? I’m the party pooper?”


“Yes. Yes, you are. Unless you want to go with party crapper or party shi-”


“Don’t. Even.”


    The friends laughed more as they joked around and had fun with their new member as they celebrated his becoming of an Avenger. Midas looked over at Bruce who smiled at the blonde then shook his hand.


“It’ll be fun working with you especially, Dr.Banner. I’ve read a lot about you and your work. I’m hoping to become a scientist myself.”


“Oh really? What’s your field?”


“Molecular Manufacturing and Robotics. Mostly Robotics and some genetic stuff though.”


“Molecular Manufacturing?! As in molecular nanotechnology?!”


Midas chuckled and leaned back in his chair “That’s right.”


“That’s two steps away from doing Mind Uploading and AI!”


“Exactly, but I’m not into the whole AI thing. It’s a little dumb on a couple of levels. I just want to focus on helping make body parts and stuff for people.”


“Even though this is coming from a person who just tried taking over the world?”


“Not my brightest moment, but I would have given people new technology and stuff!”


“Uh huh. Right. And would they be made of metal or gold, King of Robotics?”


“It would be made of metal of course!!” Midas blushed a bright red, making Banner chuckle


“Okay, okay. If you ever need any help with your work, Tony and I are always here to help you. We’re a team now. All of us. We work together, we fight together…”


“And if we have to,” Steve cutted in “We’ll die together.”




“So… You’ll never leave me behind?”


“Of course not! You are our friend and fellow hero! Why would we?” Thor smiled at him


“You’re right. Thanks guys!”




    Bruce woke up in the middle of the night to find that he was still dressed in his lab coat and sweater. He sat up in bed and rubbed his eyes before changing into his night clothes quickly and laying back down, without noticing the wet handprint on his window.

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