Watermelon and Hamzilla

Just a random story we made during lunch.


2. The Proposal

They were doing the weeding at Hamzilla's moms house when Watermelon suddenly hopped over to Hamzilla and said, "My sweet, sweet Hammy!" Hamzilla was very alarmed by Watermelons words and didn't know what was going on! "Yes?" Hamzilla replied, "what... what is it?"

"We have loved each other for too long without doing anything...lets get married!" Said Watermelon. "Wait...are you proposing to me?" Questioned the now red colored Hamzilla. "Because my answer is Yes!" The Watermelon and the Hamzilla tried to jump into each others arms, forgetting that they didn't have any and ended up on the muddy ground that they had been weeding only a few moments ago. 












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