Last Light

Hadley Jenkins is unsatisfied with his life. He is close to having everything a man could ever wish for, only if he could fill the empty void in him.

Leo Baxter is a struggling single dad, working himself into a stupor, trying to make ends meet for his little girl, Nia.

Hadley would have never crossed paths with Leo if not for the joy that is Nia and now he knows one thing, he wants what he might never have.

The only thing stopping him from having everything is Leo Baxter himself.


3. Signs

Leo Baxter

I spent the rest of my shift, wondering what I had gotten myself into with Hadley. Why is he so persistent with his getting to know me and what is his awe with Nia? There's something off about him, that I just can't place and he isn't like all the other rich men, I've come across. The way he acts like he knows something about me that I don't and how generous he is, tells me there's a bigger end game here than what he is letting me see.

Amanda is non-stop chatter as we make our way out of the restaurant, she's going to be spending the rest of the weekend at her mother's and she hates it there, I can't sympathise with her because she still has her family while I only have Nia and a family that disowned us.

"You're not planning on backing out are you?"

Both Amanda and I stop, I watch Amanda's eyes bug out when she turns to see Hadley leaning on his expensive looking car. I'm surprised because I had doubts he would show. "Is he the guy that was in earlier?" Amanda asks and I nod my head at her, I see her eyeing him before she looks at me.

"Actually, I thought you wouldn't show, that you'd have gotten yourself buried with work that you'd have to cancel."

I reply and he smirks, he nods at Amanda, stands straight and gestures to his car, beckoning me to come so we can go. "I see why, you turn me down now." I quickly look at Amanda and shake my head no at her, it's not what she thinks, she just shrugs at me and squeeze my shoulder "Have fun at your mum's." She flips her middle fingers at me and leaves me and Hadley alone.

Thankfully I had left my car at home. I move towards his car and he smiles at me, opens the door for the passenger seat for me and closes it when I'm in like he's the chauffeur, before he goes to the driver seat.

"I live at Stonewall, apartment block 3," I say once he's settled, he doesn't say anything but start the car. He not saying anything is only doing great at making me very uncomfortable, I turn to look at him and I'm surprised to see he's looking at me sideways "What?" He smiles at my question and pays attention to the road again.

"I'm sorry for your loss, Nia says her mother is in heaven." He and Nia must have really talked because he catches me off guard, I just shrug at him, it's in the past, healed wound. "How old are you?" I blurt out, not a classy move but I've been wondering he looks young, yet there's something old about his looks, he's surprised and I smile at this. "Thirty." That's six years older than I am and look at how much he has achieved and I may never get there, that had been my dream, by the age of thirty I should have achieved my goals and my life the best it can be. "I'm twenty-four, yes I'm young to be a father, but some mistakes turn out to be the best gifts." He nods at me "I am in awe of what a marvel you are." I feel myself start to blush at his compliment, there is definitely something off here.

"Where are we going?" I ask and he smiles slyly "It's a surprise, now go pack a little... or do you need my help, I could go in with you." I look out of the window and we're at my building, I shake my head no at him, telling him I'll be as quick as possible and rush to my apartment. No way in hell is he going into the apartment now, it's a colossal mess, when I get back cleaning and arranging it, will be at the top of my list of things to do. Not having an idea of where we are going, I pack my best sets of clothing's and shoe, before changing out of my work clothes into a comfortable pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

Hadley is on the phone when I get back to his car, but he comes out to assist me as if I need help and he opens his boot and I drop my bag. On the way, I call Lucy to inform her of my change of plans and to speak with Nia, who gets excited that I am with Hadley and proceeds to get Hadley talking to all of her friends and even telling him little tales of what had happened in her day so far. "Do you have a child?" The look he gives clearly screams 'No, do I look that old?' He shakes his head no then asks "Why do you ask?" I know he isn't married, because of the lack of rings on his fingers and nor is there a sign he ever wore one. "Aside from the obvious, you're great with kids." He just shrugs again and it miffs me.

"Why are you so bent on all this, with me and Nia? I just don't get it."

"Can't I simply get to know you, I love Nia but I am intrigued by you. I want to get to know you better and I want you to be comfortable around me."

"Nothing is ever that simple, you have to gain something from all this I know, you're even a business man, so cut the bs."

"You're right, I do want something, but in due time you'll know. We are going to a resort, it has the best of everything and the perfect place for you to unwind, as we will have access to everything. Now tell me about you and the things you like doing."

I do not know how to start, but soon he has me talking about things I used to love doing, but haven't done since my life became so hectic. He is easy to talk to and quite funny as he shares stories of his life with me and how he started his business, all the people that lick his ass and how he enjoys messing around with people. I do not even believe him, when he says he isn't usually this nice or open towards people, in fact, he says he usually has an icy persona.

We get to the resort which is two hours away and I'm blown away with the magnificence of this place, Hadley is surely doling out one hell of money on our weekend.

"It has everything, a nightclub, beach, sporting complex, cinema house, restaurants, stores, spas, water sports and each room, is a building of its own. What should we do tonight?"

Hadley informs me, as we are lead to our home for the weekend. It's on the tip of my tongue to say nothing, but I do not want to waste his money. A little clubbing won't hurt, I don't have to actually worry about getting myself back home and look for somebody who would be willing to go to the club with me. "I'll like to hit the club." Hadley smiles devilishly at me and I smile back, going to the club with somebody as hot and rich as he is would definitely bring in the women and it also wouldn't hurt if I could flirt a little, I miss my non-existing love life. "First we eat, would you like to go to a restaurant or have our food delivered to us?" I opt for the later.

I love our building, it's double the size of my apartment times three and our rooms are twins of the other, but a bit far away from each other. Everything is beautiful, even the indoor pool. I remove my shoes and change into the comfortable flip flops in my room, my bathroom is first class, with a Jacuzzi and standing glass shower, a counter with all the best beauty products, I need not use what I brought with me. I wash my face before leaving my room, to go to the seating area, Hadley is already there and he isn't wearing a top. For a businessman, he sure is very fit, no atom of fat on his body. Am I seriously checking out a man?

I seat on the nearest sofa and lie down on it, before asking him "What are we having?" He gets up, checks the side table and brings me a packet of papers, "Anything you like." The list of food is endless, so I end up picking Indian food, I love their spicy soups, rice and how they make their meat. We don't talk while we eat, which is all fine by me, I rather not let anything spoil this wonderful meal I am having, and anything other than eating it wouldn't do.

I change into a nice top, while Hadley changes from his suit, into nice fitting jeans and a loose shirt. His hair slightly ruffled, he looks so good, that I feel underdressed. "You wear your outfit very well, you know you could be a model Leo." I think I am going slightly crazy, why do his compliments make me blush? Why am I noticing him, have I been drugged?

"It's just eight p.m. do you want to go to the club now or want to walk around for a bit? It's a nice view." The resort is huge and a lot of people are here, which is surprising, by the time we reach the club it's a lot past nine and it's buzzing with people and partying atmosphere.

"I just want you to know, that I plan on getting drunk," I say to Hadley, who laughs and I find myself liking it, I quickly make my way to the bar, seriously in need of a drink and to get my mind straight and out of whatever trance it has gone into. Hadley tells the bartender something and then turns to me, eyes bright.

The waiter returns some minutes later, with a tray full of shot glasses, with clear liquids inside. "Drink up, Lion," Hadley says and takes one of the glasses, I take on two and we clink glasses, before downing the shot, it's very hot and I feel it travel all over my body. "Round of six each, then I say take it to the dance floor?" I ask him and he shakes his head no, Nia must be rubbing off on me because I know I pout and he starts laughing again, I really like his laughter.

"I don't dance, but I could watch you, this weekend is all about you, Lion."

He's calling me Lion and not Leo, yes Leo is a zodiac sign that stands for lion, I have no problem with him calling me that, it isn't degrading. "Suit yourself, Mr Jenkins." He just shakes his head at me and takes a shot, I follow suit. By the time I down my sixth glass, I can feel the effect of the alcohol on my body, I am much relaxed and more carefree. I say goodbye to Hadley and make my way to the full dance floor. I have fun, as soon as I get into a rhythm with the beat of the songs, I'm dancing all over the dance floor, with different women who are as pleased to dance with me as I am, I'm may not be going crazy after all. By the time my legs start hurting, I've kind of danced most of the buzz from the alcohol out of my body and I am slightly covered with sweat.

I make my way back to the bar, knowing I've been gone for a while. Hadley isn't alone, he is with a man and both are talking and from their body language, I can tell the both of them go way back. I cautiously approach and when Hadley sees me, he looks at his friend with a warning look, um what? I smile and nod my head at the dude, whose eyes widen when he takes me in before he smirks, what am I missing?

"Leo, meet my old friend Malory. He happens to have seen me and couldn't resist coming over." Malory rolls his eyes, before turning his full attention to me. "How did two of you meet? That's what I am interested in, you two are as odd a pair as possible." Hadley glares at him and I find it funny because what he's saying is true, but I know I am about to shock him. "I couldn't find my daughter, but he was with her." I watch as Malory spits out his drink, Hadley grimace as some of it hits him, then smiles at me for shocking his friend. "You have a daughter? That's impossible, you look like a college boy." I roll my eyes now, people who have never seen me and Nia together, never believe me when I say it. "I can show you her picture and I have proof," I say without humour and Hadley burst into laughter, Malory gets up and shakes his head. "It was nice meeting you, I see why he is interested in you, but I have to go now, my boyfriend won't be happy if he sees me beside this jerk over here." Hadley's smile vanishes and he glares at Malory who just smirks at him with a look that says we are even and leaves us.

Hadley doesn't say anything for a minute, I take a seat and ask the bartender to bring more of the shots he had previously brought me. "Obviously, your friend knows something I should and it's not only me who thinks your interest in me is out of place." Hadley looks at me as if in pain for a moment before his expression changes and the bartender sets the shot glasses down in front of us. "I did tell you the truth, but I'm afraid you'll run away and I'm not quite ready to let you do that." Okay if that isn't a warning bell then I don't know what is, all his mysterious sayings are swimming in my head and all everyone has said, it's all pointing in one direction but I am absolutely sure that isn't what it is or am I?

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