Running With the Wolves

Jessica is an average 15 year old. That is, as average as you can be whilst you are the most powerful were-wolf that lives. Her father, an old alpha, has gone mad for his mate, her mother, died that year. Becoming abusive, he's no help to her as she rises in the ranks of her pack. She must over come obstacles laid out in front of her involving physical, mental, and spiritual challenges. Her friends, hidden from the world she lives in, have no clue what is going to happen when they stumble into the woods that house the most dangerous creatures on Earth. And not just wolves live in these old woods.


3. Chapter 2

     The moon hung low over the trees that night, and sounds of other creatures were all around.  Howls from rouge wolves rung though the trees like church bells on a summer morning.  The pack was gathered under the full moon, all the pelt shinning bright as the moonlight lit our clearing.  Even my black pelt shone through the darkness of the night.  Alpha stood higher on a rock and looked down upon us all.  His muzzle was twisted in hatred as he looked at me with gleaming blue eyes.

     Today, we are here to celebrate the coming of age of a young wolf, Bente.  He has great honor among us, and is son to Torno.  We also are here to witness the power placement between our lead hunter, Abi and our lowest pack member before Omega, Jessica.  The pack jeered in their thoughts, but no matter how hard they tried to push me down, they couldn't.  For I, Jessica, had awoken the real power and meaning behind what being a Wolf was.  I caught something mingled in the thoughts of all the pack.  It wasn't of any other member, but rather that of the Alpha himself.  It was, in fact, fear.  Though it wasn't fear for the pack as it should've been, but rather for himself.  

     The Age ceremony drew on, and it seemed like eternity before the Alpha finally drew it to a close, pronouncing Bente a full fledged member of the pack.  

     Well, that concludes this night's sessions and ceremonies.  Now, We hunt!  What?  He was completely ignorning me.  If my challenge was not full filled under the full moon's light, then I would lose my chance to show them how great I really was.  That was not going to happen.  EVER.

     ALPHA!  You. Have. Forgotten. One. VERY. Important. Thing.  I pronounced every thought with as much hatred to him as I could muster, which you could imagine, was quite a lot.  I saw him recoil, and as quickly as it came, he hid it behind his thoughts once more.

     FINE.  Jessica will be pitted against Abi under the old laws of the wolves.  She has proclaimed that if she fail to win, she will become a rouge.  Should she by any chance actually win, then Abi will take her place, and she take Abi's.  The pack jeered once again, only increasing my determination to beat her.  We both stepped forward, and only then, did the pack realize how big I was in wolf form.  Standing almost a head taller then her, I was a huge wolf.  Abi was average sized, and the Alpha was a little bigger, but I was massive due to my mark of power.  As Abi took in my size, she began to back out unknowingly until the Beta's voice entered our heads, though his mental voice clearly shaken.

     I will be head of the battle, anything I say goes.  Ancient rules apply, no killing, and other pack members must stay out of the competitors heads.  Take your positions, FIGHT!

    Abi lunged at me, hoping to take me off guard, but I was ready, turning my head, I caught her pack paw and snapped my head sideways, flinging her the back the other way.  In doing so, I also caused quite a lot of pain in her back paw as well.  I then pinned her down to the ground and raked my claws down her side opening up two large claw streaks.  Red seeped out of them.  Her breath was labored, but she didn't surrender.  

     Lunging at me again, she managed to rake her back paws over my stomach, but they did little harm other then scratch.  I laughed, well as close to a laugh as you can get in wolf form.  The only absolute role was that you couldn't kill your opponent.  I could do whatever I wanted to Abi until she surrendered publicly in the thoughts of all the wolves.  Leaping off of her, I let her get up.  

     Surrender Abi, I don't want to hurt you anymore then I have.

    Yeah, right, like I would surrender to a wolf like you.  

     Well, she wasn't going to give up, so I began thinking of ways to make her, but not hurt her anymore.  Then I finally thought of it.  As she charged wildly at me again I moved aside letting her skid into a tree.  This would not only wear her down, but she would injure herself too.  As she ran herself down, I could see her flanks heaving with her breath, and I pinned her down easily. 

     Do you submit?  Trying to push herself up, but failing, she tried to jeer at me in my head.  Unfortunately for her, I had a few years of jeering at me, so that didn't work.  Digging my claws into her shoulders, I drew blood.  

     DO YOU SUBMIT?  I mentally yelled in her brain.

     Yes, I Abi, leader of the hunters submit to Jessica.  

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