Running With the Wolves

Jessica is an average 15 year old. That is, as average as you can be whilst you are the most powerful were-wolf that lives. Her father, an old alpha, has gone mad for his mate, her mother, died that year. Becoming abusive, he's no help to her as she rises in the ranks of her pack. She must over come obstacles laid out in front of her involving physical, mental, and spiritual challenges. Her friends, hidden from the world she lives in, have no clue what is going to happen when they stumble into the woods that house the most dangerous creatures on Earth. And not just wolves live in these old woods.


2. Chapter 1

     "JESSICA!!!!!"  My father yelled as I sat in my room texting Julia, my best friend, and Zach, my other best friend.  I knew I couldn't just ignore him, because ever since he lost my mom, he hadn't been the same.

     "Yes, dad?"  I inquired as I walked down the stairs.  He sat at the kitchen table, and his eyes had morphed into his wolf eyes.  Bright golds, yellows, and oranges flashed in his eyes...literally.  I began dreading what he was going to say.  When I was born, I was marked on my left forearm, the mark bore the symbol of the most powerful wolf in the world.  With that mark, my destiny was set out before me before I even spoke my first world.  However, the Alpha of my pack, denied that I was even close to the wolf that lived inside of me.  I was the lowest ranking wolf before the Omega, and I was jeered at constantly from others in my pack.

     "Alpha wishes to speak to you."  With that, he got up and left, but not before looking me in the eyes and giving me a hard stare.  You are a pathetic excuse for the most powerful wolf in the world.  I heard him think before he walked up the stairs.  Unlike regular were wolves, I could hear other peoples thoughts, as well as control the elements, and I had telekinesis.  Of course, my father used that against me, because whenever we were together, he was set on thinking the most vile thoughts about me in his head.  Sometimes it was a game to him, seeing how long it took for me to say something or leave the room.  Other times, it was just to torture me, tell me that it should've been me and not my mother.  It just went around and around, and I could do nothing to stop it.

     Yeah, I was the most powerful wolf in the world, marked and branded.  No one cared, no one payed attention, and no one even wanted to think that I, a 15 year old girl, could be such a powerful thing.  The worst thing was, our pack protected the humans from the Forest.  The Forest is a place where magic is free, and creatures roam.  We are not the only creature that takes the wood, though we protect it, and cannot be touched, the humans do not know what lies in wait for them.  Waiting and watching for just one little step into the wood.  My two best friends were human, that meant that my biggest problems could not be talked about with them.

     Shifting into my wolf form, I became a black wolf.  The black was a sacred color and down my foreleg was a silvery white scar.  Immediately, the thoughts of the pack crashed into my head.  They all began to pick thoughts out of my head, ripping apart all my secrets, hopes, wishes, and dreams.  The Alpha laughed at how puny I was.

     You are no wolf.  You couldn't even fight a pup. The Alpha laughed again in my head.  That was it, I had had enough.  Something snapped inside of me, and power filled my body.  By instinct I replied.

     Then I challenge the head hunter of this pack to this night, under the moon.  Should she lose, I will take her place, and should she win, I will become a rouge.  Gasps and horror filled my packs brain.  They had thought that I would never become aware of the wolf that laid inside of me.  I gripped their minds and held them to every thought.  They knew that I would lead their pack, and they were afraid.  The fear drove them to jeer at me.  They should fear me, I thought.  Because Fear is what will win me the respect of the pack.

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