Swan Songs

Thanks for the memories


1. File #2S46B: Amelia and Rory Williams

I wake up with a sore throat and a feeling like stone in the middle of my stomach. I look for Rory on the pillow next to mine, knowing he is there, snoring like a sledgehammer. "Rory!" I whisper-yell. "Rory!" I say again, this time getting a reply of "huh..oh, Amy... what's wrong?". I don't want to pester him too much, knowing he had stayed up late last night working on a report for his boss, but my stomach is really hurting. "I don't feel well. Could you make me some tea? I'll make breakfast tomorrow." I ask. "Deal" He says, drowsily getting out of bed. After he leaves the room I sit up and look for my reading glasses on the night stand. My stomach is far too uneasy for me to go back to sleep, so why not read? The truth is I am getting a bit worried.... I have had on and off moments of nauseous feelings in my stomach for weeks, but never this bad. I make a note in my head to visit the doctor's office if it keeps happening. Rory comes back with the tea, smiles and says "scrambled eggs" before getting back into the bed.




I hope to God Amy doesn't vomit as I drive her to the doctor's office. She looks terribly sick, and I would die if she has something seriously bad...like cancer or something. We reach the place and hurry out of the car. The room smells like cleaning supplies. The doctor greets us and takes her into a special room. This is undoubtedly going to be the longest half an hour of my life. Waiting is agony. Oh, Amy. Please be ok. I notice a piece of lint on my chair. I flick it off. Has it only been 15 minutes? It must surely have been an hour already. Finally, Amy walks out of the room with a stunned expression on her face. Oh, I'm done, it's over, we're doomed. Amy's gonna die and it's all my fault. "Amy! Are you ok?! Are you dying? What's happening?!" I rush over, terrified. "No, you idiot." She says, kissing me. "Then what's going on?" I ask, relieved. The surprised expression returns to her face. "Rory, I'm...I'm pregnant". 

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