The First Girlfriend

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  • Published: 2 Nov 2015
  • Updated: 2 Nov 2015
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Christmas is in the air, and so is Love! find out how this young mans date goes!


1. The Encounter

Twelve o’clock in the morning my eyes still glued to the screen of my phone, fingers numb with excitement and my heart beating as if it was about to take off from my heart.

“Um, I’m kind of lonely on Christmas Eve, are you going to be busy?”

My mind went black for a couple of seconds, wait what? This girl… is asking me out?! I mean I couldn’t possibly turn her down but I really wanted to go out with her close friend instead. I replied,

“Sure are you going to be at the usual spot? By the Australian ice cream shop?”

“Yeah I will, it’s a date now right?”

“I guess it is”

About another hour or so went by, talking about how we miss each other even though we hadn’t met properly before. Around after three in the morning we finally said our goodbye’s and kissed each other through the phone, not literally of course.

            Two days had passed since our long chat and date plans; it was finally the faithful day. The Twenty-fourth of December, I was such in a good mood not even Fred Stanford, or Oscar the Grouch could have made me upset. Singing in the shower, washing up the dishes and watering the flowers I did it all. My mom thought it was going to be the end of the world, I could see a tear trickle from her eye from this once in a lifetime sight. I quickly went into my room dumped all the clothes I had ever wore and tried to pick the best possible outfit for the occasion.

“Nah, too causal,

 Nah, too formal.”

 I spent an hour and a half picking and mixing clothes, shoes, hats and sweaters. I finally found a simple look, blue Converse shoes, Black Skinny Jeans, and a Stars Wars shirt with a Gray Hoodie. 

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