The First Girlfriend

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  • Published: 2 Nov 2015
  • Updated: 2 Nov 2015
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Christmas is in the air, and so is Love! find out how this young mans date goes!


2. The Date

About Half an hour before our date I begged my dad to drop me off to the date spot. Through thirty minutes of cringing traffic and crazy drivers I finally arrived and ten minutes early at that. The Australian Ice Cream shop was at the edge of town right by the pier where the tourist’s come off from the cruise ship. This spot is like the safe haven of all teenagers, want to meet up with a friend? By Australia, want to break up with a girl? By Australia, want to fight?... yes, you guessed it by Australia. There were a couple of teens already there but I was still pretty early. Eight o’clock on the dot it was date time but she had not arrived as yet, of course it’s common courtesy of a gentleman to come before the lady arrives and no matter how long you’ve be standing there in heat, or cold always say I didn’t wait long. Eight forty-five, still no sign of her, I was worried I was in the wrong meeting place so I called her phone to see if she would be a no show, but no luck the call went to voice mail.

            Nine fifteen, I was sitting on one of a benches close by looking at the stars which by now the area had been getting crowed I kept looking behind me which was the alley entrance to the Australian Ice Cream shop, Atlas something caught my eye, Pink shirt, tight jeans same blue Converse shoes, yes she was the one I stood up and walked to her she had come with her three friends. We exchanged hugs and she introduced me to them, somehow she emphasized on how old I was which made me feel a bit awkward. I gave her some time to meet up with her friends while I met up with mines. My friends were dying to meet her which of course I declined at first because there’re what you call Mr. Take Away Your Girl, it’s a saying we have in the islands. At last we met back up,

“Want to talk a walk with me?”

“Sure of course! You lead.”

 Tension in the air, semi-sweaty palms guys you all know that one feeling of uneasy-ness on the first date. I came up with topics for talking to break the ice. We went talking along looking at the stores decorated with Christmas decorations. Suddenly out of the blue we came to alley where she nudged me as if to go down there, so I moved, she stood in front of me, chest to chest eyes to eyes, so I read the mood and went in for the kill. We both kissed but I admit it was a not so pleasing first kiss, she laughed but I urged her I could do better and that I did. We continued walking window shopping upon we met a relative of hers or some sorts, he asked who I was and admitted to say her boyfriend upon which he looked kind of displeased

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