The First Girlfriend

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  • Published: 2 Nov 2015
  • Updated: 2 Nov 2015
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Christmas is in the air, and so is Love! find out how this young mans date goes!


3. The Collapse

We went back by the Australian Ice Cream store but this time more by the docks for the boats in an isolated area we could hear talking in a distance but it was very faint. She came on close again and we shared a long deep imitate kiss, we switched turns in between to see who would take lead. This was the best moment in my entire life. I felt like King Solomon. My heart which was beating fast and slow and the same time was a usual rhythm for me but I didn’t care felt like it was just the two of us in the world, and the waves hitting along the boardwalk and the view of the full moon sealed the deal. We returned the area with all the teens where hanging out she saw a boy that she said she wanted to go talk to so I said I would go check up on my friends too.

 Walking like I had just won a million dollars and not a care in the world I found my friends which was laughing on how bad I looked strutting in like I owned the place. Couple of minutes passed and I decided to go check back on her. That’s when things started to go downhill. I noticed how she looked a little down compared to before,

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing really”

“Nope that doesn’t look like nothing come on tell me what’s wrong?”

 I asked about three more times and she finally cracked,

“You see the guy I was talking to before well… he was my boyfriend…”

I kind of felt my heart was hit by an iceberg and was drowning like the titanic.

“So do you still love him?”

I don’t know why that was the first question that came to my mouth but it came out on an impulse.

“No. No. it’s not that but I kind of feel bad on how we ended things”

Which was interrupted in my mind “Yeah you still love the guy why the hell am I even here”

I dismissed the thought and continued walking with her. A few blocks down we had reach our memorable spot by the docks, I pulled her to the side and took lead on the kiss. We both wrapped arms around each other, I just wanted to forget about earlier and enjoy the moment now. About an hour later we took pictures and she told me she had to get home, I looked on my phone which it said one fifty in the morning. Shocked by how much time had passed by I walked her to her friends and told her goodbye. I on the other hand went by to hang out with my other friends and didn’t leave till three o’clock in the morning luckily there was still a couple of buses running.

            When I came off the bus my feet felt like they just registered the pain of how long I was standing and walking. They were sore and numb straight to the toes, I had to take of my shoes and hold them in my hand. In the quiet night only light was the football field bright stage lights that lit up the entire village. I finally reached home, mother still up waiting for me asking me how my night went I told her bits and pieces and went to my room. All I could do was lie down I couldn’t even get by up of how sore my foot was; A message came in on my phone.

“You’re a great kisser”

I feel asleep with ease. Christmas came and gone and I was still reminiscing on that night I had. We talked and I asked if she wanted to go out for New Year’s Eve, she said she would have to see if she had plans with her family or not.  A Couple weeks had gone by and I had not heard from her since the day after Christmas I tried calling her, sending messages and even Facebook but she didn’t respond. It left me wondering if she was alright, or if it was something I did. Weeks turned into months. Finally, one day she messaged me through Facebook.

“Hey! What happened? How come you didn’t reply to my messages?!”

She sent some absurd responses on how I was seeing other girls and how come I didn’t go talk to them. That threw me off. Here I was worrying myself over here and see thinks I’m seeing other girls. I lost it and wrote a long paragraph even my English teacher would be proud…and disgusted but proud to put on her wall of honors. I logged out of Facebook swirling with a pool of hate, hurt and anger. After that we spoke a couple of times but on a friend to friend basis although from time to time I still wish I could relive that that night I had spent with her.

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