Run. [NaNoWriMo '15]

I don't ask for much. My requests are simple, and I'm certain I'll get them soon enough. Really, all I want is a good book, a nice view, and my dog by my side. Oh, and ultimate power over the entire human race. Simple, right? Well, when you're a demon with no morals to speak of, everything's simple. [Rated Y for swearing and violence]


22. Twenty One: We're Back (and, Coincidentally, Still in Black)


    Damian was waiting outside when I emerged, a grin on his face. “I can’t believe that worked!” he said. 

    I gave a nervous laugh. “Uh, yeah, about that.”

    There was a pregnant pause and then his face fell in realization. His eyes flickered to my hands. “You lost the ring. Seriously? I thought you were like super powerful or whatever you keep saying; you let him beat you?” 

    Defensively, I replied, “He only beat me because he attacked me after I took the time to save your ass!”

    Damian crossed his arms. “So now what?”

    “We’ll just have to get it back,” I said with determination. “After all, it’s not like he can use it.”

    “True,” Damian replied. “Though it’s not like you can either,” he pointed out. 

    “Hey, we had a deal,” I said. “I cure your sister, you transfer ownership.”
    Damian’s eyes narrowed. “And what happens if we can’t get it back? Do you not cure my sister just because you went and lost it?”

    “Hey, who do you take me for? Sirio?” I asked. Damian gave me a look, so I relented. “If we don’t get the ring back in two weeks, I’ll cure your sister regardless.”

    For a moment, Damian scrutinized me, trying to figure out if I was being sincere. “Okay,” he agreed. 

    “Cool,” I said, then punched him lightly on the arm. “Now, come on! This is supposed to be a celebration! Batman and Robin are back together.”

    “No way in hell I’m Robin,” Damian protested.

    “Fine, Sherlock and Watson.”
    “And what are we investigating again?”

    “Okay, Kirk and Spock.”

    Damian paused. “Eh, I’ll take it.”

    I grinned. “Come on, this calls for something special.” I teleported us through the Nether to the new apartment I’d been hiding out in over the past week. It was in Iceland this time, for I doubted Sirio would think to look for us there. 

    We ordered pizza. This time, when the knock sounded on the door, I raised a hand to stop Damian from getting up. “I got it this time.”

    The pizza man turned out to be just a man, as I discovered when I slammed him up against the wall and ripped the pizza box from his hands. “Pl-please…. you can have my money,” he stammered, his eyes wide and terrified. I let go. 

    “Nah, it’s cool,” I said, backing away. “Thanks for the pizza.” I winked and shut the door in his face.

    Over pizza, I looked at Damian, surprisingly glad to have him back. “That was a nice performance, by the way,” I complimented.

    “Yeah, you really thought I hated you, didn’t you?” Damian said, smiling as he took a slice. 

    “Nah,” I replied. “I mean, maybe if we hadn’t planned that beforehand, but nah.”

    Damian shrugged. “It was quite the plot twist. Did you see the look on his face?”

    I grinned. “Priceless.”

    “Too bad you went and blew it by losing the ring.”

    Rolling my eyes, I replied, “Again, it was to save you. God, so little appreciation.”

    “Maybe I’d appreciate you more if you hadn’t left me stuck with that bastard for a whole week,” Damian shot back. 

    “Hey, I was doing my best. You have no idea how hard I was looking for you.”

    “Not hard enough.”

    I threw a chunk of pizza crust at his head. 

    It was good to have him back. Not that I'd ever say that aloud.

    Between the two of us, we somehow managed to eat an entire pizza. When it came down to the last slice, we both looked at it, then at each other. “Rock, paper, scissors for it?” I suggested. 

    Damian nodded, readying his fist. “Rock, paper, scissors,” he said as I mirrored his motions. He didn’t seem to notice the stream of shadows peeking over the edge of the box and sliding the slice away. “Shoot,” he finished, his scissors beating my paper. It didn’t matter, though. My shadows had a firm grasp on the pizza, lifting it towards me-

    Until they were severed by a flash of light. The pizza fell back to the box where Damian casually picked it up and put it on his plate. 

    “What was that?" I demanded, my face a mask of shock.

    "What was what?”

    Damian looked at me passively. “Oh, that?”

    “Yes, that!”

    “That was light.”

    I blinked. “Sirio actually taught you stuff?”

    Damian nodded. “Yeah, I told you he was.”

    “You weren't supposed to actually learn it," I grumbled in reply.

    Rolling his eyes, Damian said, “What, was I supposed to put my fingers in my ears and hum whenever he tried to talk?"


    “Yeah, well, I didn't."

    “Obviously,” I said. "How much did he teach you?”

    Damian shrugged. "Not a ton. He was preoccupied most of the time. But enough that I think I can develop more myself.”

    I shook my head. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

    “Why not?”

    “Because…. Light powers are stupid?” I answered. “Why would you ever need those when you can just use shadows?”

    Damian smirked. “Because not only does it make me unique, it also gives me some sort of defense against you.”

    I looked at him. It was true; I’d never met anyone who could control both light and shadow before. Most sorcerers only knew how to deal in energy, and angels weren’t cut out for shadows the same way demons weren’t cut out for light. Damian seemed pleased with himself. “That sounds like betrayal to me.”

    “Don’t be dramatic,” he replied. “If it was betrayal, wouldn’t shadows have consumed me or something by now?”

    “What?” I asked, confused, actually. 

    Damian scowled. “You know, the whole shadow promise or whatever? I’m not allowed to betray you or shadows take over my body and kill my family or whatever it was you said?” 

    “Oh, right that,” I said, breaking eye contact. “I forgot.”

    “Lucky that you can forget,” Damian muttered under his breath. 

    I rolled my eyes. “Cheer up, it’s not that bad,” I said reassuringly. “You’ve got my wonderful company.”

    Somehow, that didn’t exactly seem to cheer him up, only it almost kind of did. I mean, not really, but there did seem to be the hint of a smile playing at his lips. I was certain there was still some underlying hatred that he harbored towards me, but right now, he seemed to have gotten over most of my manipulations and horrible deeds. We were a team again, and I got the feeling I wasn’t the only one who was secretly pleased.


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