Aurora. That's her name. She was an amazing little girl. She just didn't know who created her. Gabby made her worst mistakes in Summer School (Summer Trouble) and what happens when she encounters what she was running away from? Will Aurora find out? Or will everything just go back to how they were?


8. Chapter 8)

''It was amazing. I honestly don't know how Ash will beat it. It was the best date I ever had,'' I told Mikey.

''Girl! Do not underestimate my power, I helped Ashton and I know you'll love it more than anything in the world,'' Michael bragged.

I rolled my eyes and giggled at how childish he would be sometimes. I loved him to death though, no matter how many stupid things he says (which are a lot) I still care about him. Mikey then stood up and carried me to my room as if I was a rag doll.

''I can walk! you know?''

''It wouldn't have been that fun,'' he exclaimed excitedly.

He walked towards my closet and took out a bag of dresses that I kept hidden. Michael then starts opening the black ripped bag and takes out a pair of dresses. The first one was a heart shaped white and mint green dress, the heels were mint green too. The second dress was a tight black dress with a line of gold sparkles going through the middle like a belt, the wedges were black and had gold sparkles at the bottom.

''What? I have to wear that?'' I asked.

''No, I'm just taking them out because I want to wear one,'' Mikey said sarcastically.

I grabbed the black dress with an annoyed look on my face and walked into the bathroom to try it on.

Flash back:

''Hey mate, so you and Gabby an item?'' Luke asked. Kust to make Luke jealous, I pulled Ashton by his collar and kissed him.

''Yeah mate,'' Ashton answered.

-End of Flashback

I thought back to the reason why I started talking to Ashton in first place, then it clicked. I pretended to be with Ashton ,so Luke would get jealous. I walked out of the bathroom and headed towards Mikey.

''Wow,'' he managed to say.

''What?'' I ask knowing I didn't even look good.

''I- I ... Can I just keep you to myself?'' He asked jokingly.

''Haha! I look ugly. But you know, I'm a lazy person ,so I don't plan on changing if it's not into my pjs,'' I said laying down next to Mikey.

''Can I ask you something?'' Mike asked.

''You already did. But sure.''

''Would you ever think of me as more than a friend?'' He asked in a serious tone.

''Mike, I.... Your like a brother to me. I honestly don't think you'd see me that way either. Why the question?''

''Everyone always thought we'd end up together. I just have that idea stuck in my head now.''

I looked at Michael and stared into his eyes. He seemed lost to lost in his own thoughts that he didn't notice my confused look. Finally, he looked at me with a different facial expression than usual. It was soft and delicate, it seemed like he let down his walls and he was the guy no one got close enough to meet. He then started leaning closer, I, too caught up in the moment, started leaning in too.

''Uh-hum!'' I heard someone 'cough'.

I moved away as quick as possible and my heart started pounding out of my chest. I looked over at the mysterious person and saw it was just Calum.

''It's not what it looks like,'' I yelled.

''You and Mike were about to kiss! Gabby! Your about to have a date with a guy and all you do is almost kiss your best friend??'' He asks with disappointment written all over his face.

''I- I umm.... I think I should just go... See Ashton,'' I whispered before running out of the room with my wedges in my hand.

''Michael G. Clifford! I cannot believe you! Were you just helping to get close to her? You helped your best mate just so you could ruin his chances?'' I heard Calum yell.

I grabbed my phone from the couch and called Ash.

A: hey, are you ready?

G: yeah, I just... Never Mind. Are you almost here?

A: give me two minutes and I'll be there.

I sighed and walked outside with only my phone and what I was wearing.


''What were you going to tell me?'' Ash asked helping me out of the car.

''I.... Well.... Mike..... We almost kissed,'' I whispered and cringe waiting for him to scream at me.

''Oh. Do you like him?'' He asked opening the door to a place.

''No, I was just caught up in the moment.''

I looked around and realized it was the cabin where I spent the night with him.


I looked over at Ashton then cuddled closer to him and kissed his neck. He smiled then kissed my lips and I kissed back softly.

''Night Ash,'' I whispered.

''Night Dany.''

''What?'' I asked sitting up.

Ashton then opened his eyes shocked at what he said.

''I said Gabby,'' he said pulling me back down.

''Don't touch me!'' I screamed standing up and leaving from him,'' and if it wasn't clear enough we're over.''

''Whatever! I have Danny!'' He screamed.

-End of Flashback

I looked down at the bad memory rushing through my head. I quickly walked out the door and sat down on the bench.

''What's wrong?'' Ashton asked concerned.

''I.... I don't want to stay here,'' I whisper.

''Oh.... We can just go somewhere else,'' he suggested.


''Pizza?'' I asked.

He looked at me disappointed in what he chose.

''I love pizza!'' I screamed pulling him towards the entrance.

''Let me guess, you want pepperoni and hot wings?'' He asked pulling me into a hug.


After we finished ordering, we sat down in a booth. Everything was silent except for a song playing through the speakers.

''Lets go sing,'' Ashton said pulling me onto stage.

I smiled and whispered a song into his ear.

'Kiss me, Kiss me, kiss me.

And tell me that I'll see you again.

Cause I don't know, if I could let you go.

So kiss me kiss me kiss me.

I'm dying just to see you again.

Let's make this night the best of our lives.

Here's to teenage memories.'

Even though that day didn't go as he officially planned it, it was amazing. We even left to Lazer tag and let me tell you, I was boss at it. When I got home, I saw Mikey asleep on my bed with an Album of old pictures.The only thing in my mind was:

Do I actually have feeling for Michael Clifford?

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