Aurora. That's her name. She was an amazing little girl. She just didn't know who created her. Gabby made her worst mistakes in Summer School (Summer Trouble) and what happens when she encounters what she was running away from? Will Aurora find out? Or will everything just go back to how they were?


5. Chapter 5)

''Why didn't you just tell us it was you? I mean we missed you so much,'' Ashton questioned.

''Well, I don't know, I was just scared that maybe you would like try to kill me or something, okay maybe not kill me ,but that you'd remember what I did or happened and you would freak out and try to push me away once again,'' I said honestly.

''And what about Aurora? Is she um.. Mine?'' He asked with fear in his voice.

''I really don't know, I thought that maybe when she grew up she would look like just one of you guys ,but she has your eyes and Luke's hair color.''

''Maybe we can get a DNA test?'' Ashton asked.

''Does it really matter who's it is?'' I asked.

''I know your scared of needles ,but I would like to know if that beautiful little girl is mine,'' he said placing a kiss on my cheek.

We got home and Luke had that look in his eyes that made me feel like running out of the house. I walked upstairs and hugged Aurora; she smile and walked over to Luke still holding my hand. She made Luke walk with us leading us to the room.

''Mommy, I found a letter from Luke, it has your name,'' she said handing me the letter.

''She's, she doesn't have to read it,'' Luke stated looking nervous.

I grabbed the letter and opened it being careful not to rip it; I took it out of the envelope and started reading it.

Dear Gabby,

I know you think it was a mistake to sleep with me ,but I didn't mean to ruin your relationship with Ashton. I know you love him and stuff. I just can't get it through my head that you ran away because you regret doing what you did. You mean the world to me and even though you won't ever read this, I want to tell you that I love you. I may be a stupid guy for not telling you in first place ,but I would love it if you actually talked to me again even as friends. I'm in a boyband with your ex boyfriend and our mates, every song I wrote are because you inspired me. Your an amazing girl and I know you won't read this ,so I'm doing what I'm afraid to do, pour my heart out to you. I love you to death!


Your prince, Luke

I looked over at Luke and smiled, my heartbeat started pumping faster and faster. My head was spinning in circles thinking back to Ashton. It was becoming high school all over again, I hugged Luke and walked downstairs with him at my heels.

''I want to figure out my feelings before I do a blood test,'' I said to Ashton and Luke.

''Gabby,'' Ashton asked,'' can we just both get one date and if figure it out then?''

''Ummm,'' I looked around and saw Luke nodding his head,'' okay.''

I sighed knowing that something was going to go wrong, something always happened when it came to Luke or Ashton.

''My date is first then yours, Ash,'' Luke stated heading upstairs.


How is it so far?

I feel like no one wants to read this ,so I'm thinking I should just unpublish it..... What do you think?

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