Aurora. That's her name. She was an amazing little girl. She just didn't know who created her. Gabby made her worst mistakes in Summer School (Summer Trouble) and what happens when she encounters what she was running away from? Will Aurora find out? Or will everything just go back to how they were?


3. Chapter 3)

I was at their house, everything there looked amazing. It wasn't really big ,but it wasn't to small. It was perfect, Michael walked towards the room talking about everything that happened to them after I left.

''So did you miss Me?'' Michael asked.

''Ummm.... Well....'' I said looking at him and sticking my tongue out,'' you were annoying.''

He smiled and swiped me off my feet and threw me into the bed. I started laughing ,but before I could stop, he got on top of me and started tickling me.

''Wow..... Michael has a crush on someone!'' Luke screamed saving me from dying.

''It's not what it looks like,'' he said sounding like those movies that always is what it looks like.

''Sureeeee..... Anyway, we're ordering pizza and the condoms are in the bathroom okay Michael?'' He said trying to hide his laughter.

Mikey's face was as red as a tomato. He moved off me and helped me up ,but our smile never faded once.

''So.... You want the condom or not?'' he said looking dead serious.

I looked at him with a weird expression until he bursted out laughing. I rolled my eyes and started walking downstairs with Mikey right behind me. Once I got to the living room everyone was crowding Aurora and trying to tell her stories. I sat down next to Ashton acting as normal as possible. Aurora then ran up to me and hugged me.

''Mommy! They talk a lot,'' she whispered.

I smiled trying not to laugh at her comment. She sat down in between Ashton and I then started asking him questions.

''Why do you sing?'' She asks,'' Mommy sings good and she doesn't sing.''

''Well, umm... Selena does sing good ,but she probably doesn't like singing infront of lots of people,'' Ashton said.

''Mommy's name is-'' I covered her mouth and smiled.

''I know you like my name baby ,but we should go because it's getting late,'' I said kissing her cheek.

''You can stay the night!'' Mikey exclaimed.

''I um.. No it's fine,'' I whispered standing up.

Mikey stood up and walked towards me,'' please?''

''Fine....'' I whispered sitting back down.

Everyone looked at us confused ,but shrugged it off. After a while I walked upstairs to look for Aurora.

''Selena?'' Calum called from inside a room.

''Yes?'' I asked remember in that was my ''name''

''Come,'' he whispered patting the side of his bed.

I walked towards him and sat down next to him with a confused look on my face. He looked me up and down trying to figure me out.

''What?'' I asked.

''Nothing. Just... Why are you and Michael so close? Did you guys know each other before? Do you have a thing for him? If you do I mean don't break his heart. It looks like he likes you and-''

''No! I don't like Michael and he doesn't like me. We are just friends... Come on Cal, Do-''

''Cal?'' He asked,'' No one calls me that except.... Gabby!''

''Shh!!!!'' I said covering his mouth,'' okay it's me ,but please don't tell.''

''That's why Michael tickled you and you call him Mikey,'' He said.

''Luke told you?'' I asked rolling my eyes.

He leaned closer and hugged me really tight. I hugged him back.

''Cough, cough......'' Luke said interrupting the hug,''ummm... We're gonna watch a movie..... You guys want to join?''

''It's not what you think,'' Calum said defending himself,'' it was just a hug...''

I rolled my eyes and walked towards the door leaving them to talk.

Luke's POV:

''Calum it's not a good idea for you to get really close to Selena,'' I whispered,'' She was doing something with Michael this morning and she seems like a slut. I mean look at her, she's a single mother and she probably doesn't even know who the dad and she looks like she would fuck any guy by the way she dresses.''

''Luke you don't-''

''Is that what you think of me?'' Selena asked,'' Fuck you! Yeah I may not know who the dad is ,but at least I didn't sleep with my best friends girlfriend and pretend like she meant nothing!''

''What the fuck is she talking about? What did you tell her??'' I screamed at Calum.

''How can you be so stupid Luke?? It's Gabby!'' He screamed chasing after the girl who I waited my whole life to see once again.

''I'm so stupid,'' I whispered to myself running after Gabby.

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