Aurora. That's her name. She was an amazing little girl. She just didn't know who created her. Gabby made her worst mistakes in Summer School (Summer Trouble) and what happens when she encounters what she was running away from? Will Aurora find out? Or will everything just go back to how they were?


12. Chapter 12)

''Will you do me the honor and become my girlfriend?'' Luke asked as he took out his mothers bracelet from the velvet box.

''Luke, I-,'' I stopped for a second as I saw Calum enter the shop.

''Luke! What are you doing?'' Calum asked,'' I see the way Gaby looks at Ashton, you can't do this to her.''

''Gabby, Do you love Ashton?'' Luke asked as Aurora stood up without anyone noticing.

''I- I don't know, I have so much going on and you both are amazing,'' I said honestly.

''Gabby, come on! You liked me first,'' Luke exclaimed.

''You were a jerk! You acted all nice then your girlfriend shows up pushing me then you leave me in the middle of no where and yes! I had sex with you! But maybe it was a mistake!''

''We made Aurora!'' Luke screamed,'' I wasn't stupid enough not to get a DNA test! She's mine!''

Minutes later after arguing, Luke decided that time would be the best option than loosing me completely. I then stood up after Luke had walked away and noticed something was off. Then it hit me,

''Aurora!'' I screamed as I went on full panic mode.

I ran outside and she wasn't there, my heart beat raced as I knew I lost my baby. Michael then walked inside with tears filled in his eyes and a huge bruise on his face.

''What happened!?'' I screamed before running to him.

'' I tried to stop her! But it was too late,'' Michael cried as Ashton walked in with a bloody arm.

''Auroras gone! I tried to get her back Gabby,'' Ash whispered.

Tears slipped down my face as I led Ash towards the car to the hospital. The drive there was quiet with sadness filling everyone's face. Aurora was gone and I had no clue where to look for her.

''Gabby, I have to admit something,'' Ash whispered as we walked out.

''What is it?'' I asked feeling guilty for not telling him about Luke.

''It was your step mother,'' he whispered,'' She took Aurora.''

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