Aurora. That's her name. She was an amazing little girl. She just didn't know who created her. Gabby made her worst mistakes in Summer School (Summer Trouble) and what happens when she encounters what she was running away from? Will Aurora find out? Or will everything just go back to how they were?


11. Chapter 11)

I looked up at the tv and saw how a couple walked around with no worries plastered on their face. I wish it was that simple, Aurora ran into the room with a huge smile on her face.

''Hey baby, Why are you so happy?'' I asked picking her up.

''He wants to marry you,'' she whispered.

''Who??'' I asked confused.

''Luke,'' she giggles making me turn towards the window.

As I turned around, I felt arms hands wrap around my waist. All of a sudden, my feet were off the ground, I screamed because I had a massive fear of being carried.

''You should've expected that, Aurora told you,'' Luke said while laughing.

''Oh.. Yeah... She totally didn't say marry,'' I whispered.

''Wait she said Marry??'' He asked,'' What did you say?''

''Nothing. I- it doesn't matter what I think.''

''It does ,but you just want to go get some ice cream?'' Luke asked pulling me into a hug,'' just me, you and Aurora.''

''Yeah! Let's go mommy!!'' Aurora screamed walking downstairs.

I walked downstairs with Luke at my heels. As we were about to walk out the door, Ashton was outside with roses and a box of chocolates.

''Hey, I got these for you.... Just wanted to ask if you wanted to go to a club with me later,'' Ash said with the cutest smile plastered on his face.

''Umm.. Sure,'' I said forgetting Luke was right beside me.

''Lets go....'' Luke said placing his hand on mine and walking out with Aurora.

I looked down with flushed cheeks knowing I made him mad. Don't get me wrong ,but Ashton is more of the fun night type and Luke is the romantic day type... I just love them both, I think... As Luke was making conversation with Aurora, I kept thinking. I knew I had to make a choice between two amazing guys.

''Vanilla?'' Luke asked interrupting my thoughts.

''Umm... Yeah,'' I said,'' and strawberry for Aurora.''

I walked towards the park and sat down on the bench. Everyone seemed to smile at every little moment ,but for some reason I felt lost and confused. Luke walked towards me with a huge smile plastered on his face. He sat next to me and starred into my eyes. I couldn't help but feel a spark looking into his ocean blue eyes. He kept picking at his pocket ,which made me totally confused.

''Do you want a cupcake? I saw a shop open close to here,'' He said with a hint of worry in his voice.

''Yeah, come on Aurora,'' I answered.

As we walked to the bakery, Luke kept looking at me with a smile plastered on his face. I couldn't help ,but smile back. There was something about him that made me forget the bad times and just focus on the good that was to come. When we got there, Luke ordered a vanilla cupcake with chocolate filling, it was my favorite. I sat down with Aurora on my lap waiting for Luke to sit down.

''Hey, I'll be right back, just don't go,'' Luke said wailking into the bakery kitchen.

Seconds later, Ashton walked into the bakery and handed me a bag. It had a beautiful silver and mint green dress with a pair of mint heels and a silver bracelet. I could help but smile and give him a huge hug.

''It's just for the club tonight,'' Ash whispered placing a kiss on my cheek.

''Thank you ,but I can't accept this,'' I whispered.

''No, it's all yours.''

He walked out of the shop with a huge smile on his face. Luke then walked out with a Poster and roses. This was the moment, He kneeled down with a velvet box in his hands and opened it.

''Gabby, I've had an amazing time with you, you mean the world to me and I just have one question,'' he started.

Shock filled my face as we got closer to the moment, Aurora was real happy. Then it happened, the next words change everything.

''Will you do me the honor----------

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