Aurora. That's her name. She was an amazing little girl. She just didn't know who created her. Gabby made her worst mistakes in Summer School (Summer Trouble) and what happens when she encounters what she was running away from? Will Aurora find out? Or will everything just go back to how they were?


1. Chapter 1)

Gabby's POV

''Aurora, honey, please don't write on the wall,'' I whispered scrubbing away the drawings my little monster created.

I was in California because that's what I do, runaway from my problems. For example, 5 Seconds of Summer, Luke and Ashton were the dads of my little girl. How would I ever explain that to them? They both hated me after all the trouble I caused. School wasn't even crossing my mind after knowing I was pregnant. The 3 year old looked at me confused and crawled towards me.

''Come on baby, store time.''

Luke's POV

''Why are we doing this again?'' I asked looking back at the rest of the boys

''First of all, we all love to sing and second, you chose California,'' Ashton exclaimed rolling his eyes.

''Are you still mad about what happened 3 years ago?'' I asked annoyed.

''I was going to ask her to marry me! You fucked everything up like you always do!'' Ashton screamed standing up.

''It's not my fault she liked me better!'' I screamed back standing up too.

''Guys,'' Michael screamed pushing us back down,'' Get over it! She hates both of you and you'll probably never see her again!''

''Can we go get ice cream?'' Calum asked.

''Lets go!!'' Ashton screamed running out of the van.

I rolled my eyes and walked after the 3 of them thinking back to Gabby. She was my everything ,but she preferred being with Ashton then breaking him with the past. I mean she was pretty stupid to break it out like that to him.

''Luke! Hurry up!!'' Calum screamed already finishing his cone and ordering a second one.

Gabby's POV:

I drove towards the store and saw an ice cream truck and decided to stop and get a cookie dough cone for me and a rainbow cup for Aurora. We walked towards the truck and started ordering never making eye contact with the people next to us.

''What's your name beautiful?'' The guy next to me asked with a wink, clearly trying to flirt.

''Umm.... It doesn't matter,'' I answered grabbing the cone and cup then sitting down with my beautiful baby girl.

''She looks just like you!'' The guy screamed as I turned around and faced my problems.

''Luke! Ashton! She's like a girl version of both you!'' Michael exclaimed.

''Can we take a picture with her??'' Luke asked excitedly.

''Umm.. Sure,'' I said feeling lucky that I dyed my hair black.

''Your really pretty,'' Ashton said sitting next to me,'' and your eyes remind me of someone.''

I smiled and tried my best not to have memories rushing back. He stood up and walked towards the other boys leaving me there with a shocked expression. Aurora walked back to me and showed me VIP tickets and backstage passengers . I smiled then looked over to Aurora's cup ,but there was a phone instead. I turned back to give it back ,but they were gone.

''Come on baby, let's go,'' I whispered,'' there's a concert we have to attend....''

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