The Rogue and the Warrior

This story is set in the world of Salan. A place where fantasy is reality. We follow a man named Zarok and his adventure to find whatever his destiny is. The story majorly revolves around the fantasy genre and will involve aspects of drama later on. (Please leave ideas and improvents in the comments. The first chapter is rather short but I wanted to see how people reacted to it. If you have any ideas please comment below, and even if you would like to see a character that you have created in this story then leave the description below, thank you!)


3. The Wolves and the Beastmaster

 It has been three hours since Zarok and Westman left their little village,  the sun shone brightly above the pairs head as they spoke of past adventures they had.

  "My father left me this sword" said Westman calmly "I remember the first time I ever used it, the blood of three goblins covered the steel... They tried to raid my old village, they never got a chance" Zarok noticed a smirk on the young warriors face. 

"I'm glad to hear it" Zarok laughed "How about you?"

"What about me?"

"You're bow, what's the story?"

"I carved it from the oak tree my brother was buried under, an old priest blessed the tree, and he said that it will become extremely handy one day, of course it has already, but it hasn't done anything special"   Westman smiled and looked at his map.

"There's an inn about four hours away from here, we should rest, maybe earn some money doing odd jobs"

"Sounds fine, I could do with a drink of wine!" Zarok exclaimed   Suddenly, Westman held his hand up and stopped dead in his tracks.

"Hear that?" He whispered  The rogue listened carefully, not making a sound. "Wolves!" He cried.   And with that, five wolves jumped from thetall grass, surrounding the two companions. The wolves had grey fur, razor sharp teeth and bloodied faces. One howled, and the other four slowlycrept closer while snarling and growling angrily.  

The rogue and the warrior stood back to back. Westman wasted no time and drew his sword, Zarok grabbed an arrow from his quiver and held it like a knife.

"We got this" said Westman, with a hint of fear in his voice   The first wolf charged towards Westman, the huge warrior raised his sword and brung it down hard as the creature jumped towards him, it's head was cut clean off, it's body slumped to the floor and blood poured onto the floor. Almost instantly after this, another wolf ran at Zarok and the rogue thrust his arrowstraight through it's brain, the wolf let out a "yelp" before it died.  

Two of the other wolves backed off cautiously, but the final wolf, which was noticeably bigger than the others, stayed true and howled ferociously, it charged carelessly at Westman. The huge warrior readied his sword, but the wolf dived at his ankles and clamped down on his right shin, Westman roared in pain and brought down the sword into the wolf's brain, killing it instantly. The two other wolves howled and ran off deep into the woods. It was over.   Westman collapsed to the floor, clutching his bleeding shin.

"Damn!" He cried, the wound was deep and the great warrior was in much pain.

"Think you can walk it off?" Joked Zarok

"I'd be lucky."   The bushes rustled behind them, and a strange looking man emerged from them, he stood at four feet tall, and was covered fromhead to toe in leaves and other plant life.

"What have you done to my wolves?" He spoke calmly

"They attacked us!" Shouted Westman

"Take a look at my shin!"

"What do you mean you're wolves anyway?" Asked Zarok "Surely they cannot be tamed?"

"Maybe not by a normal man, but I am Marley, The beast master of Salan!


" The strange man spoke with a merry tone to his voice, despite his recent loss. "I suppose this is my fault for letting them loose without proper training, I thank you for not killing the other two... This is a shame, but here, take this." He produced a bottle with a red liquid inside. "Drink half of it, and spread the rest on the bite wound, it'll be fine in under a minute, I promise." "Thanks" said Westman begrudgingly, he took the bottle and started to drink it. The trio heard a bowl in the distance and Marley looked behind him. "I must go!" He said "I'll make this up to you, you both have my word, I'll see you again, you can trust me with that." He ran into the woods towards the howl.   "Well he was strange." Whispered Zarok "He was..." Replied Westman, whose shin was looking good as new. The warrior stood up. "Let's go." The pair continued on their journey and after an uneventful four hours, they came across the inn that Westman spoke of before the attack.   "This doesn't feel right..." Said Zarok ominously Westman knocked hard on the door. "No... No it doesn't"









































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