The Rogue and the Warrior

This story is set in the world of Salan. A place where fantasy is reality. We follow a man named Zarok and his adventure to find whatever his destiny is. The story majorly revolves around the fantasy genre and will involve aspects of drama later on. (Please leave ideas and improvents in the comments. The first chapter is rather short but I wanted to see how people reacted to it. If you have any ideas please comment below, and even if you would like to see a character that you have created in this story then leave the description below, thank you!)


2. The Start of Something New?


Inside his warmly lit cabin at the edge of town, Zarok sat calmly sipping on his final mug of wine, staring into the flames of his fireplace. He thought of all of the people he deceived, robbed and swindled in his life.

The twenty four year old was starting to realize that maybe his life shouldn't be focused on robbing and hurting people. He had never done these things to harm people or upset people, but only ever to defend himself or to feed himself with the finest foods and wine. He shrugged it off as one glass too many, and soon passed out in his chair, and the embers of his fire carried on burning until the morning.

The morning sunlight broke through Zarok's window and he was half blinded by the light in his eyes when he woke up. He slowly got up and poked out his fire with a thick stick stood next to the fire place. As he turned around, he noticed a shadow coming through the crack under his door, almost as soon as he noticed this, the figure on the other side knocked.

"Coming!" He shouted

Zarok stepped quickly towards the door and opened it swiftly, on the other side stood the warrior from the bar, still bloody, a smile on his face, his arm stretched out and his hand offered.

The rougue stared at him for a moment, and the shook his hand.

"I'm Westman by the way." The huge man said


"You bested me, many times, I understand that now, and I'm sorry"

"Well, I'm sorry too..."

There was a moment of awkward silence until Westman broke it.

"There is something I need to ask of you, I realize that we aren't exactly friends, but it would benefit both of us."

"What is it?" The rogue asked 

"I've accepted a bounty on a man named Necerre, the scum murdered a woman and her child and was seen taking the woman's body into a cave about three days away from here. I've heard that you are good with a bow and I'm willing to split the ten thousand gold reward with you if you help me."

"Five thousand gold?" Zarok's eyes sparkled in desire.

"All your's as long as you help me"

"Give me three hours to prepare"

Westman smiled, nodded and left. Zarok swiftly closed the door behind him and grabbed his quiver of arrows and his bow, he then took what money he had in his bedside table and left.

Zarok ran to the general goods store sand burst in.

"Shopkeep!" He yelled "how many bottles of poison would one hundred good pieces get me?"

"Four" the shopkeeper said bluntly and he produces four small vials with dark green liquid from under the counter.

"Thanks" Zarok said as he grabbed the bottles and threw the gold coins on the counter, he ran outside towards the forest.

For the next two hours, the rogue honed his skill with a bow, shooting at painted targets in the forest over and over again, until his quiver was empty, he then would pluck the arrows from the targets and restart the cycle, each shot more accurate than the last, this went on until Westman emerged from the thick of the trees, in full, shining iron armor and a steel sword and shield in his hands.

"Ready?" The warrior asked

"Ready" Zarok answered

The pair walked back towards the town and over the bridge into the fields, the journey would be hard, but the reward would prove to be much more than worth it.









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