The Rogue and the Warrior

This story is set in the world of Salan. A place where fantasy is reality. We follow a man named Zarok and his adventure to find whatever his destiny is. The story majorly revolves around the fantasy genre and will involve aspects of drama later on. (Please leave ideas and improvents in the comments. The first chapter is rather short but I wanted to see how people reacted to it. If you have any ideas please comment below, and even if you would like to see a character that you have created in this story then leave the description below, thank you!)


1. Meeting Zarok

The tavern was quiet. The local bard had retired to his room to rest and there was only three people left at the bar that night. The young, pretty lady behind the bar stayed silent, delicately wiping mugs and other things as two men glared at each other from across the room.

The first man was a hulking mass of muscle and armor, a huge steel sword slung over his gigantic shoulder. He wore leather gloves that barley fit his monster-like hands.

The second man was an average looking person, he wore a tight fitted dark green jacket with his hood over his head but a small tuft of bright blonde hair could be seen inside the hood at the right angle. A small dagger glinted in his leather boot, and a quiver of arrows lay next to him on the bar, along with a very basic looking bow.

"You got a problem, veslingr?" The first man asked the rougue in a deep,booming voice.

"Maybe." The rouge said. "But I suggest you use a more intelligent insult next time, it might make you seem less of a huge waste of human muscle, don't you think?"

The first man stood up and grunted a little, as he charged, the rougue simply stayed in his seat and smirked. The huge warrior un-seathed his sword and prepared to bring it down on the small rouge, as he swung the rougue dived out of the way and the stool he was sitting on was cut clean in half. The rougue smiled and simply pulled the dagger from his boot and threw it into the Warriors chest. Blood spurted from the deep wound that this caused, and caused the huge man to fall to his knees and be silent. The rougue slowly but confidently walked up to him and pulled the weapon from his victim and muttered something under his breath. 

Suddenly, the barmaid jumped over the counter and helped the warrior up and walked him outside, pushing him out of the tavern. She glared at the rougue.

"Gods be damned Zarok, can't you ever get along with him?"

Zarok laughed and said "Not until he learns he can't beat me!"

"You're paying for the stool and I'm kicking you out, I assume you'll be back tomorrow?"

"Of course" he said as he gathered his bow and arrows "Until then, Brera" And with that he left, stepping over the unconscious warrior outside.





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