The Boyfrind


4. Pair for the Year!!

Now Mr.Styles' was picking the pairs for the year. i couldnt wait to see who i was gonna be paired with for the whole entire year ahead of us. i bet im gonna be put with the worst person ever. JUSTIN BIEBER!!



He began:

Marissa and Nash

Sammy and Taylor

Justine and Nate

Siama and Michael

and so on and so on.......

then me.


lets hope its not him.


Sirena and Justin!!


OMG no what am i gonna do now. I have to deal with this dork the whole year. i am so screwed with this pairing of the year. what am i suppose to do with this geek? is he gonna talk Pokemon with me or anime. what the hell is gonna happen with us as a pairing for this class. i hope that i wont be with im for every single class i have because ill be really mad if i am. cause i really dont want to have him for every class. unless he is a good person or good at working at all of these things. cause i know how to do music but no music videos or youtube or anything related with videos. i just know how to record a video and then put it up thats all i know what to do. 






Justin gave me a seductive look when he heard that we were a pair for the year.
















what will happen when we have to start our project or infromation!!???



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