The Boyfrind


3. Mr.Styles' Class

I was ready for this class. i saw a lot of the cute guys today in there and  we were getting paired up today, and there was one dorky kid. he looked really geeky. but who knows. i just hope i don't get paired up with him for the year.


"So good morning class. today i will be picking your class pairs today and as you may have noticed we have a new student. her name is Sirena so be nice!! Welcome Sirena to the LA school and area." Mr.Styles' said.


"Lets begin with introducing our selves to Sirena. Will you like to start Michael," 


"Sure why not." Michael said. "Well my name is Michael I'm a football player and i love to sing well rap technically and i like seeing pretty girls in front of me." he said biting his lip at me.


"My name is Luke i love penguins I'm a guitar player i love playing soccer. and to be honest you real hot. i dpnt know why Michael said pretty your way more than that!!' Luke explained and i blushed.


after about 35 students it was the dorky kids turn. he turned to me and he was so...........................................................................


"My name is Justin. Justin Bieber. I write music i sing and i love to hang and chill with friends and just have fun. oh and im from Canada too!!" He said and handed me a note.


the note read 'Meet me after school by my locker #246. and ill explain why i told you to meet me here!!' 


"So do u want to introduce your self?" Mr.Styles' questioned.


"Sure."i answered.


"My name is Sirena Skye to be exact. I love writing and making my own music. i perform for school plays and musicals and talent shows if we have any. I also love to hang with friends and enjoy some party time with my girls. another thing is I'm from Canada born and raised." I smiled at Justin and then Sammy looked at me and he looked sad.













what will happen with me and Justin after school??


will we be friends what will happen??


we will find out!!!!!!!

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