The Boyfrind


2. First Day

So today's my first day at School of Music in L.A. I'm scared but yet excited at the same time. Now today I'm doing my first option which is ignore everyone and get to my classes on time. I don't think that it will be that hard to do since I don't know anybody here.



I have to get up at around 8:30 so I'm ready by 10:00. Ik that I have a good amount of time for sleeping but it's takes me and hour to get ready. Even though it's right down the block from me and I'm driving there so it's not that far.




Anyways back to reality.



I'm wondering if I'll meet anybody that likes to talk to me or likes to be my friend. We will find out issue if anybody talks to me anyways.







*8:00 my alarm goes off*



I shut it off and lay in my bed for another 20 minutes. 8:25 I get up and I go to the bathroom to do my hair and stuff. After I come out of the bathroom u find clothes and I lay them out on my bed and find shoes to wear with my outfit.


I was going to be wearing a purple and black checkered tank top with black skinny jeans with rips at the the knees and then s leather jacket with black and white vans. I also added another accessory which was my black bandanna with crosses on it.



I was all set I just had an hour to do my hair and makeup and have breakfast. I went downstairs made some waffles are them went upstairs with my coffee. Then I got changed and I did my hair. After my hair I did my makeup and I put on light purple eyeshadow and some winged eyeliner and I put on mascara with some purple matte lipstick.



It was 9:30. So I decided to get my bag and go in my car and go to school. I was all ready for my first day. Even though I'm new I don't really care what happens.



I got to school at 9:45. I went inside and asked for my schedule. I then looked at it and I had room 1-10 for history of music first. I found the room and sat down the bell rang already so I went in and sat down. I was prepared for the bullying shit to start. I then looked at this girls schedule and she had every class with me today. So I have a friend to walk to class with now. As the bell rang me and my new friend were walking and then we started to talk.


"So my name is Selena what's ur name??"


"Oh hi Selena my name is Justine."


"So what r u coming to this school for??"


"Oh I'm coming here to learn how to sing and read music better just like a personal singer. HBU??"


"Same but I kind of just want to learn how to write the music because I know how to do everything else."



"Oh that's cool well u will learn how to do that very quickly. In Mr.Styles' class he teaches us how to put the correct note where it's suppose to be for all of the songs that we write!!"



Well then we stopped talking and went to our class.

















How will this class be??

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