3. the prank💝

Calum's pov:

I told Lucy the plan and she loved it. Arzaylea went to go get some thin out of her car so we set up this epic prank.

Lucy's pov:

I stood by the entrance with Paul and Calum. I had my stomach pushed out as far as I could so I looked pregnant. Cal walked up to Arzaylea and said "hey Allie(this will be Arzaylea's nickname in this book) I want you to meet someone." They walked up to me and I said "Hi I'm Lucy." She said " hi I'm Arzaylea. And might I ask who the lucky guy is." Pointing to my stomach and the fake engagement ring on my finger. I looked down at my fake baby bump and smiled. I said "Luke." And she said "Luke hemmings." I said "yeah we have been dating for a while but his management is making him have a fake girlfriend but I feel so bad for that poor girl she doesn't even know it is fake." She looked sad but also pissed. She stormed off in the direction of the boys dressing room. Me and Calum healed in our laughs. We followed her. She walked in and said "Mikey, Ash can I talk to Luke in private?" The nodded and walked out but didn't see us. She walked up to Luke and slapped him. He looked at her and she just screamed "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME THIS WAS FAKE. THAT YOU WE ENGAGED AND THE CHUCH WAS PREGNANT!! I CANT BELIEVE YOU LUKE!" Luke just stood there in shock but then replied "Allie babe what are you talking about." "I'm taking about your pregnant girlfriend." "Your pregnant!" " no not me but the girl your engaged to Lucy." "I'm not engaged and I didn't get anyone pregnant. Babe it's just the boys pranking you. Don't worry I get pay back." She smiled and kissed him. He started waking towards the door so me and Calum made a run for it until I tripped. I heard a snap sound and I let out a scream of pain. I looked at my ankle and it was bending a way it shouldn't be bending. Great I broke my ankle. Calum turned around and ran to me. I started crying and saying "Calum I need Luke. I need Luke."

Calum's pov:

I heard a scream so I turned around and saw Lucy on the ground. I walked to her. I looked at her ankle it was definitely broken. She started saying "Calum I need Luke. I need Luke." I ran to go find Luke I finally found him and said "Luke mate you need to come here now."

Luke's pov:

Calum ran up to me and said "Luke mate you need to come here now." I followed him. I saw the file that ran out of our closet on the ground and I heard her silently crying. I looked at Calum and he nodded his head in her direction. I walked over to her. I looked at her it was Lucy my best friend.

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