1. lets go to Cali💝

Hi I'm Lucy Carlisle. I'm 17 turning 18 in December💗 my best friends are Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, Michael Clifford, Ashton Irwin, and Julie Roberts. So Luke, Cal, Mikey, and Ash are in a band you may have heard of them they are called 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER. They left to go on tour with One Direction about 5 months ago. With out the boys my life has been a living hell. I need them.

Lucy's pov:

So it has been months since I have seen the boys and 6 weeks and 5 days since I have spoken to Luke and he has never gone this long with out talking to me. It's killing me so Julie and I are going to Cali to me with some of my new friends Nia and Rena and their band. I guess I should tell you some stuff about me!

Ok so here it goes

I grew up right next door to Luke his mom and my mom were best friends and so were we. Julie grew up with Calum. When me and Luke met Calum we became friends instantly. Cal introduced me to Julie and we clicked. Then we met Mikey. And they started a band. They needed a drummer so I found them one his name is Ashton. We all became very close. I helped them with their YouTube channel and one day Louis Tomlinson.... Well you know the rest ok so now here is what happened right before they left. The boys told me to find them and opening act for them for when they go off in their own.

Ok so now back to.... Now!

Ok so I made plans with Niall (yes I am friends with 1D too) to get to Cali when they would be there for a concert and the a few days to have fun. We got of the plain and saw my friends Nia and Rena. I ran to them and hugged them. We hopped in their car and drove to their house. We got out and I said "go get ready we are going to the amphitheater." They both looked at me. I said "I want to surprise the boys and you guys are coming." They both scurried off into their house. I looked around this was the firsts time I had been out of Australia. It was beautiful💗.


Hey guys sorry it's short and not that great. I promise it gets a lot better I did this as fast as I could. The boys will be in the next chapter I promise and a warning/spoiler this is set in the Where We Are tour and I will have the boys current girlfriends because I just want to get them out of the way so they come In a little early.

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