There's a race that live amongst us mere humans, they appear like us, they talk like us but yet they are not us. They are the Flora, a race of Fae that influence the world and help keep it all in balance. Most of them look different in subtle ways, most people pass them off as punks and scoundrels but what they do is far more important than what the eye perceives.


2. Chapter One

June 21st 2001

Moscow, Russia


Many people walked around the city streets, some of them tourists and others locals, a mixture or languages but the overwhelming majority being Russian. The mother-tongue of this land.


A strange figure stood in the crowd of people wearing varying layers of clothes in the summer weather of Europe, his body well built and obviously muscled under his tan trench coat and heavy boots. His hair was short and sandy blonde but one part was longer than the rest, a thin strip of dark green than dangled from behind his left ear. Nobody glanced at him twice though, the capital was full of far more interesting things than the one man as he pushed off from the wall he was leant against and started walking towards a less crowed part of the city. He was being expected today.


Making his way through the gaggles of friends and families alike, he found himself at the door to a run down building that had ivy climbing through the cracks in the windows and sweet honeysuckle clinging to the crumbling walls. Knocking once, he lets himself inside, feeling the warmth of the building despite it's worn condition. There are many more people in the one room of the building, they are all of different nationalities, but they come here for the meeting. Casting his icy eyes across the people sitting at the table quickly, he remembers some of them from the past few gathering and some from even before he was to be sat at this table himself. One pair of hazel eyes catches his own, their warmth a mask hiding the distaste he knew was there.


"Ivan, you're almost late," The woman snarled, lip curling slightly as she adjusted her posture in her old wooden seat, chocolate hair flowing silkily over her shoulders. "how would it have looked if you'd let down your country?"


"I had no intentions of letting you down Mirian." Ivan rumbled, most of the others quickly resuming their conversations as they caught his piercing gaze, the Russian grunted before sitting at his seat and the meeting began without thurther-ado.


After the long and boring meeting, some of the ministers stayed to discuss business but Ivan knew nobody would go to speak to him. Suddenly, he felt a hand clasp his shoulder in a friendly way, turning on his heels quickly and coming face to face with a tall man with tanned skin and visible muscle that still showed under his thin wind-breaker, his shaggy blonde hair and bright blue eyes making him look warm and welcoming.


"Dude! Me and my wife wanted to have a word with you!" The new man smiled, Ivan frowned slightly, he wasn't in the mood to deal with the American minister but he sighed and followed him anyway. It would've been rude not to anyway.


Upon arriving, the American minister (Ivan believed his name was David or something of the likes) introduced his wife, who Ivan definitely knew as the British minister. Her name was Elsie, a small, willowy woman with dark hair and eyes and milky skin that burned easily and was mostly polite and calm. Unsure of what to do after the hand-shaking, Ivan waited for the couple to get down to business.


"Ivan," Elsie began, looking up to the tall Russian and smiling gently as she spoke. "we was wondering if you would do us a favour?"


"Nyet," He snapped, his mother-tongue rolling off so easily but managing to sound harsh as the icy winter storms that ravaged those lands. "I will not do this for you."


"Please Ivan!" The plea made the Russian pause, it must have been important for them-The British and the American ministers- to beg like that. He sighed and waited.


"We want you to... to be our child's uncle..." Elsie looked away, blushing delicately.


Ivan was taken aback, it was uncommon for his kind to do such things as this and it was normally kept within the country if it was performed. A warm glow made it's way into his heart and he smiled, a quick twitch that curled the corner of his mouth but he took their hands and nodded. He couldn't hide his joy as camomile-his home's national flower- bloomed along the green lock of hair (which was actually a vine that was growing from him). Elsie and David smiled as their own national flowers bloomed in their hair, a symbol of their shared joy.


They knew the child would grow up differently from the normal but that always happens when you're a Fae..


Especially as you're a Flora.

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