There's a race that live amongst us mere humans, they appear like us, they talk like us but yet they are not us. They are the Flora, a race of Fae that influence the world and help keep it all in balance. Most of them look different in subtle ways, most people pass them off as punks and scoundrels but what they do is far more important than what the eye perceives.


1. A word for the wise.

It doesn't take much to destroy plant life, as so many of us know. They die so easily, withering away and leaving nothing but a faint smell of decay and a few drying twigs that crumble under our touch. But have you ever wondered how those people who seem to make plants around them flourish do it? How the plants never seem to die no matter how hard you watch their every move and are sure they don't even water them that often?


Those people are possibly Fae, mythical beings that live in our world but fit into it perfectly. These types of people which make the plants and trees so vivid with colour and life are the Floras, they're soft and gentle. Almost always good natured until you decide to mess with their plants, that's because the plants are physically tied to them and they feel the pain of the plant as you destroy it.


A Flora will go to any length to protect their plants, no matter where they are in the world as it's happening.

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