So the leader of BVB has started seeing this girl and she is only 17 and Andy is 25 and they start having some fun in a bed.


1. The dating begins

 Hi i'm Andy and i'm the leader of Black Veil Brides or BVB  as people call it. I'm a 25-year-old band leader and my girl friend is only 17 and we both love each other a lot and people think that she is too young to date me and we both don't care what other people say or think. So just last week is when we started going on dates and going to each others house she comes over to my house a lot now since her parents are always fighting. One day we were both laying in my bed and we started kissing and that lead to making out and then we did some other stuff. Now we always see each other and she dropped out of high school and she moved in with me. So i call her my little sex slave and she calls me her master.





       What do you guys think so far? Comment and let me know and give me suggestions or ideas to make it better. MIght update soon.

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