Maybe It Is Real//Cake

"They're going to judge us!"

"If they do... We can run away together..."


1. Calum

 Oh... Hey I'm uh... Calum. 

Sorry about that. I don't really like introducing myself... Ha ha.

Anyways today my friend Michael and I were talking about our sexualitys... I was afraid to tell him I think I'm bi... So I didn't.

That's because you're a loser...

Maybe I am but oh well...


I was walking to school. Alone. But you probably figured I mean look at me... I mine as well throw on a trash bag and I wouldn't look any different.

"Look who it is!" I heard a voice yell.

"Get away Ashton." He giggled at my respond. He probably thinks I'm weak for not hitting him.

"Why? Am I scaring you?" He smirked.

"No I'm just not in the mood Ashton! Just leave me alone!" I raised my voice.

"Make me." He said simply and I walked up to him.

"I will just...Not today." I said with a low voice.


Hey! Um... This is CAKE!!! I hope you enjoy this book!!! :)




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