Evie has felt on her own all her life, even in her own home, a train wreck looking for a station.

When she moves to Australia to live with her cousin Luke, she feels more alone than ever.

But she soon finds herself falling for Ashton, Luke's messy haired best friend...


3. Take me back to the middle of nowhere


I wake up early and again, burst into tears. I cry into my pillow until there's a huge wet patch by my face.

Suddenly, there's a knock on my door.

"It's Luke." I wipe my eyes.

"Come in." I say. He opens the door and walks in.

"I just came in t- have you been crying?" He asks. I look away.

"No. My eyes are just.. Itchy." I lie. He nods, obviously knowing I'm lying but carries on anyway.

"I came in to tell you, me and the guys have to go to this acoustic hangout thingy, I was wondering if you wanted to come..?" He asks. I think.

"Um, well it would get me out of the house for a bit.. Yeah okay." I reply. He smiles.

"Well, Ash is picking us up at twelve. So you might wanna start getting changed." He says, pointing to his phone, which says that it's ten to eleven. I shoot up and get out of bed. He chuckles, then walks out.

I wash, then put my hair into messy pigtails, which took only a few seconds. Then I put on a Foo Fighters shirt on and a bunch of bracelets, ripped black jeans and black converse. I don't put on much makeup, just eyeliner and mascara. Then I walk downstairs.

Luke hands me some coffee, which I immediately chug down.

"I like your shirt today, and I liked your one yesterday. You like rock music, right?" I nod.

"Yep. And I like your shirt too." I say, pointing to his Red Hot Chilli Peppers top. He grins.

"Um.. Have you tried listening to our music yet? It's not heavy or anything, but I still think it's good." He raises an eyebrow.

"No, I was gonna listen to it yesterday but I got... Distracted." Yeah, distracted by your fans' horrible tweets.

"Well, do you want me to play one of my favourite songs from our first album?" He asks. I just nod and he gets his phone out. I wait for a second. Then the song starts.

'Take me back to the middle of nowhere,' is the first thing I hear apart from 'so we're takin the long way home'. I listen carefully, and Luke looks at me as if I'm a judge, about to tell him whether he got through to the next round.

I actually like it, a lot.

When it's ended, I smile.

"That was better than I expected. I liked the lyrics." I confess. He fist pumps the air.

Soon, there's the sound of a beep outside. We both get up and I take my phone and earphones with me. When we walk outside, we can see through the window that they're arguing.

"Is that normal?" I ask Luke. He nods, rolling his eyes.

We walk towards the car and Luke gets in the front, so I have to sit between Michael and Calum in the back.

"Hi Evie. I love your shirt." Calum tells me. I nod.

"Thanks." I reply before putting my earphones in, going onto YouTube and searching 5sos. One of the first songs that comes up is 'she's kinda hot'. I play it, but realise it's full blast.

"Evie! Your listening to us!" Calum exclaims. I just nod and look down.

I actually love the song. It's really catchy and upbeat.

"What do you think of it?" Mike asks. I put my thumbs up.


When we get to the place, it's crowded with girls screaming. I sigh.

"What do I do?" I ask.

"Just walk in with us and then sit down at the front." Luke informs me. I nod. I go onto my music and start listening to In bloom by Nirvana as we walk out. I walk behind Calum. As we wall past, they all stop to take selfies and sign stuff, so I keep walking.

"Hey look, it's the emo bitch!" Some girl shouts. I look straight at her and give her the middle finger, which everyone seems to see and frown at me for.

I quickly walk into the building and just sit down at the front, and just go onto my phone. All I really do is go through my photos to change my wallpaper. I change it to a picture of Vic Fuentes (because he's freaking hot) and then listen to caught like a fly by Falling In Reverse.

Soon, the guys walk in and sit on the mini stage thing. Calum, Mike and Luke pick up their guitars.

"You okay?" Luke asks. I nod, humming to my music.

Suddenly, girls start coming in until the whole place is swarmed. I take one earphone out. When everyone's sat down, Ash pulls his microphone closer to him.

"Is everyone okay?" He ask loudly. Everyone cheers. I've never noticed how much of a happy sounding voice he's got. It's adorable.

"The first song we're gonna play is out of my limit." Mike says, causing them to cheer even louder.

Calum starts singing.

'Back in high school, we used to take it slow.' His voice is really good and sounds exactly the same as it does on their actual songs, showing that his voice isn't edited whatsoever.

Then Ashton starts singing. Everyone looks confused, maybe that's not his normal part... Oh well. His voice is fucking hot. And I've only just realised how good looking he is. When he gets a word wrong he giggles, making me melt inside. He smiles, showing his dimples. Holy fuck.

I have a crush on Ashton. But my thoughts are soon rudely interrupted.

"Hey, you're that girl from twitter, right?" A girl behind me asks. I turn around.

"Yes... Why?" I ask.

"Um, how come you're with them? Are you dating one of them? Because your kinda ugly." She speaks fast.

"For your information, I'm just Luke's cousin who's staying with him because my family just died!" It comes out as a scream. The music stops and everyone stares at me. I realise that my eyes are watering, and run out. I just run, never wanting to stop.

I soon see a park and just sit on a bench. I begin to sob. Why me?

A few girls in the distance start walking towards me.

"That's the gir-" I interrupt them.

"Yes I'm the ugly emo girl from twitter. Fuck off!" I shout. They walk away, giggling a little. Right now, I just wanna curl up into a ball and die.

Yeah shitty chapter, whatever. Sorry.. I'm kinda annoyed rn.

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