Evie has felt on her own all her life, even in her own home, a train wreck looking for a station.

When she moves to Australia to live with her cousin Luke, she feels more alone than ever.

But she soon finds herself falling for Ashton, Luke's messy haired best friend...


1. Invisible


I've always been pretty lonely, even in my own home. I'm 18, I have a 24 year old brother and a 20 year old sister who don't live with me and I'm the least favourite child. My parents also hit me and Shout at me constantly. At school, people think I'm a freak and therefore I'm lonely there too.

My brother, Noah, is the only person who speaks to me. I love him more than my parents and my sister, Emma.

We live in England, but there are some members of our family who live in Australia and America, but I can't remember them.

When I get home from school, my brother and sister are here. I pull a confused expression.

"Evie, hi." Noah smiles, pulling me into a hug.

"What are you doing here?" I ask him.

"Of course mum didn't tell you. We're going on a family trip." I never knew that!

"I take it I'm not going, since no one told me." I say. I'm used to stuff like this.

"Shut up, you're coming." He replies. I shake my head.

"Nah, just forget it. You have a good time though." I tell him. He pouts.

"Okay... Love you sis. See you in a couple of days." He says as I walk upstairs to my room.

I wave before walking into my bedroom and shutting the door behind me. I just sit down and listen to I'm not a vampire by Falling In Reverse through my earphones.


*buzz* *buzz*

The sound of someone calling my phone wakes me up. The caller ID says Noah so I pick it up.

"Hello?" I sound so tired.

"Is this Evie Evans?" An unfamiliar voice asks.

"Yeah.." I reply.

"I'm very, very sorry to tell you that your family have been involved in a severe car accident." The words seem to repeat, making me feel dizzy.

"But they're all okay?" I ask. I hear a sigh.

"They all died due to head and back injuries. I'm so, so sorry." Tears begin to fall down my cheeks and I hang up, sobbing. My brother, dead at 24 years old.

Where will I live? What'll I do? Nobody wants me.

I sit in my bed for at least an hour, just trying to think of answers to these questions.

My phone beeps. I pick it up, it's a message from an unknown number.

Unknown: hello Evie this is your auntie, Liz. I recently heard the news, I'm just as upset as you... Anyway, you are going to be coming over to Australia and staying with me and Lucas, since I'm your godmother. The plane trip is all sorted, so is the ticket. But pack everything, you're going to be living with us. You need to get to the airport tomorrow and get on the plane by 3 pm. Lots of love, Liz.

I forgot about my auntie Liz. Noah told me she moved to Australia when she was 21 to work, and met a man and had three kids.

I don't need to pack much, since I don't have a lot of stuff, it's mostly clothes.

(Day of the journey)

I wake up early, but lie in my bed crying for ages.

When I finally decide to get ready, I wipe my tears. I then straighten my black hair, wash my face and brush my teeth and then get changed.

It's raining, which is normal British weather, so I just put on a Sleeping W/ Sirens shirt and a leather jacket with a hoodie underneath along with black jeans and tatty biker boots.

The airport isn't that far from my house, but it's raining so I call a taxi. While I'm waiting, I quickly text Liz.

Me- hi, just a quick question: what's happening when I get to Australia?

I wait for a few minutes and get a reply.

Liz- Luke and his friends are going to pick you up. You won't miss them, they'll be the loudest people there lol.

When I hear the taxi beeping outside, I quickly put my hood up and earphones in and start listening to 'bulls in the bronx' by Pierce The Veil. I then grab my two suitcases, exit the house, lock the door and run into the taxi.

"Where to?" A man with a posh accent asks.

"Just to the airport please."

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