Evie has felt on her own all her life, even in her own home, a train wreck looking for a station.

When she moves to Australia to live with her cousin Luke, she feels more alone than ever.

But she soon finds herself falling for Ashton, Luke's messy haired best friend...


6. Guess who?

~The next day-


So I got all the guys' numbers and they've put me in a group chat, sending random shit 24/7, especially Calum. I added Calum on snapchat which was a bad idea as he just sends me selfies constantly.

But I text Ashton separately. We have so much in common and we totally understand each other. Today I got a message from him reading:

I'm gonna pick you up at seven, just wear normal clothes... see you later ;) x

I look at the time, six o'clock... Only an hour! I was already up and dressed hours ago but I wanna change my outfit so I go upstairs and choose a tie dye shirt. I then put on ripped black jeans, along with vans.

For my hair, I just leave it down and don't do anything with it. After all, a boy shouldn't like a girl for just her looks, vice versa.

I finish the look with loads of bracelets, as always. Then I walk downstairs, where Liz is.

"Hi Evie. Sorry about not being here a lot, my work seem to be needing me a lot more these past couple of weeks. Do you like it here?" She smiles at me.

"Yeah, I love it here. Thank you for letting me live here." I tell her.

"You're welcome sweetie." She says before pulling me into a hug again. I pull away.

"I'm going out at seven if that's okay." I tell her. She just nods.

I check the time; ten to seven. I feel nervousness begin to take over me.

I sit down and my phone buzzes. It's Calum. Another selfie. I just send one back so that he'll leave me alone for at least an hour.

I then get a message from Ashton.

I'm here, come on! x

I wave goodbye to Liz, open the front door, walk out and shut it behind me. I look around and see no one.

All of a sudden, someone grabs me from behind, covering my eyes. I try to resist, but they're too strong.

"Guess who?" They ask. I sigh, it's Ashton, not a murderer. He lets go and then smiles at me.

"Come on then." He takes my hand as we begin to walk. I notice he's got a bag with him.

"Where are we going?" I ask. He shakes his head.

"That's for me to know and you to find out." He giggles.

I notice we're walking towards the beach.

The closer we get, the bigger his smile gets.

We walk onto the sand and he dumps the bag down. He gets a blanket and lays it on the ground.

"Sit down." He says, as he does the same.

"The sea is beautiful." I say, the water sparkles in the sunlight.

"Yep. Do you wanna know why I've brought you here?" He asks. I nod.

"Because when I was depressed, I came here alone a lot to admire the peacefulness of the sea. So I thought you could do that, but with me." He says. I almost faint at how sweet he is.

"Aw, Ashton." I reply.

"And, because it's getting late, stars will come out soon. And I like looking at the stars, but I thought it'd be nicer with someone beside me." He's so fucking perfect.


We talk for ages until the stars finally appear. Then we lie down.

"Ash, I like you. More than a friend." I tell him. We both turn our heads, so we're facing each other.

"Me too." He then crashes his lips against mine. It's perfect. Then he slips his tongue in until we're kissing deeply. When he pulls away, he grins.

"I enjoyed that." He says. I nod.

"Me too."

Hey everybody we don't have to live this way, we- you finish the rest I can't be bothered.

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