Evie has felt on her own all her life, even in her own home, a train wreck looking for a station.

When she moves to Australia to live with her cousin Luke, she feels more alone than ever.

But she soon finds herself falling for Ashton, Luke's messy haired best friend...


10. Girlfriend

"Bye. I'll call you later." Ashton says, walking out of the door. God, he's perfect.

"See you." I wave as I shut the door. Whoa!

I had sex with Ashton, a famous, good looking guy and he's the kindest and sweetest person you'll ever meet. What the hell?!

The door swings open shortly after Ashton leaves and Luke stumbles in.

"Hi cuz." He says, groggily.

"Are you okay?" I ask. He shakes his head.

"I feel like shit." He replies. I notice the bags under his eyes.

"You're hungover, that's all." I giggle.

Suddenly, he covers his mouth as he looks like he's going to vomit. He runs to the kitchen and is sick in the sink.

"It's your own fault, y'know." I tell him.

"I know it is, but holy shit it was an awesome night." He says in a croaky voice. I just laugh.

"Anyway how was your night with Ashton?" He asks, cleaning up his mess and rummaging in the draws to find aspirin.

"Oh, it was... Okay." I smile to myself. He grabs a glass and fills it with water.

"OMG did you and Ashton...?" He knows that I realise what he means.

"Maybe." I reply. He takes the aspirin, then goes back to the draws to look for gum.

"I can't even remember what happened last night, I got to that girl's house and a mad party was going on. All I know is that I woke up with a random girl lying next to me... And my jeans were on the floor." He shrugs, putting about seven sticks of gum in his mouth.

"Okay.." I just walk away before he tells me anything else.

My phone vibrates in my jeans as I sit down on the sofa.

It's Cal.

Calum: You doing anything today? <3

Me: No, why? x

Calum: Do you wanna come to my house and see us practice for our acoustic show next week?x

Me: Yeah! I'll come with Luke Xx

"Um Luke, you do know you have to go to the studio today right?" I shout to him.

"Holy shit, I totally forgot! Oh god!" He shouts before running upstairs.

I also go upstairs to get ready.

"Luke, you have to take me with you." I say, walking into my bedroom and shutting the door.

"Fine, whatever. Just be quick."

I go to my wardrobe, feeling that I should try to look nice for Ash. I find a black crop top that says pizza slut (Ikr) at the very back of my stuff; I've only ever wore it once. I then get out black skinny jeans and my navy converse. I then put on my leather jacket and go to the mirror.

Meh, I don't look too bad I guess.

I just leave my hair down and brush it, then I go into the bathroom and brush my teeth.

"Are you ready?" Luke asks. I nod.

"Yeah, I'll be down in a sec." I say. He runs back to his room.

Once I've finished, I walk downstairs with Luke behind me. He opens the front door and we both walk out.

"Ha, your top is cool." He tells me, as he locks the door.

"Yours too." I smile, pointing to his Fall Out Boy shirt.


"Evie!" Calum pulls me into a hug as soon as I walk through the door.

"Hi Cal." I say, pushing him off me because he's suffocating me.

"Hi Evie." Mike looks up from his phone.

"Hello." I reply. Then Ashton walks in, wearing a tank top that shows off his totally amazing biceps.

He walks over and kisses me.

"Hey." I smile as he stops. All the guys stare at us.

"Hi baby." He replies.

"Oh yeah, Evie is my girlfriend now." He breaks the silence, putting his arm around my waist. I grin. Calum cheers.

Luke smiles and Michael just goes back to his phone.

"Anyway, let's practice." Luke and Cal say, walking downstairs into what I presume is the basement, and I follow.

In the corner, there is two electric guitars, a bass and a drum kit. But they all get their acoustic guitars and Ash gets his cajon.

"Should we practice out of my limit first?" Ashton asks. They all nod and I sit down, ready to listen.

"One, two, three.." Luke whispers as they begin.

"Back in high school, we used to take it slow. Red lipstick on and high heel stilettos. Had a job downtown working the servo, had me waiting in line couldn't even let go." Calum sings. I focus on Ashton, he looks adorable.

"Cause I never wanna be that guy, who doesn't even get a taste. No more havin' to chase to win that prize.." Luke joins in.

"You're just a little bit out of my limit, it's been two years now, you haven't even seen the best of me. And in my mind now, I've been over this a thousand times. But it's almost over, let's start over." The chorus is actually amazing.

Calum sings the next verse and I wait for the chorus again.

"You're just a little bit out of my limit," I actually sing along a little.

"But it's almost over, let's start over." Ashton finishes. His voice makes my heart skip a beat.


After playing a few of their other songs, they stop.

"Evie, can you play an instrument?" Mike asks. When I was younger, my brother brought me an electric guitar. I learnt how to play it and I was really good at it. I left it in England though.

"I can play the guitar and I can sing a little." I say.

"What songs do you know how to play?" Calum asks.

"I'm good at 'renegade' by Paramore." I reply. Ashton smiles.

"I know the drumming to that song!" He says, excitedly. He runs over to his drumkit.

"Play it for us, Evie!" Calum pushes me over to the corner.

"You want me to sing as well?" I ask. They all nod.

I pick up an electric guitar and put the strap over my shoulder. I look at Ashton and he smiles widely.

"I bet you'll be amazing." He says before counting me in.

"One, two.. One two three go!" He exclaims as I begin.

I play the chords right, then Ashton begins to drum as I sing.

"And the grass wasn't green enough here, after watering it with my tears. I'm not sure where you went, now we are just past tense. And the snakes they're slithering in, chasing me to my end. I can't say where that is, I'm running again." I sing. Me and Ash are both playing in time and my singing is in time, it's perfect! I get ready for the chorus.

"And when I get there, it won't be far enough. I'm a renegade, it's in my blood. If ever I get there, it won't be fast enough. I'm a renegade, I always was." I then play the next instrumental bit, making sure I don't mess up.

"Well, the spark never lit up a fire, though I tried and tried and tried. The wind came through your lungs, a hurricane from your tongue. I'll keep your secrets with me, right behind my teeth. Your anger, your anchor, but I'll sail much further." I smile at Ashton.

"And when I get there.." I sing the chorus again.

"I'm a renegade, I always was." I finish after singing the chorus one more time. Every one claps.

"That was sick!" Luke shouts.

"You're so good at guitaring. You're even better than Michael." Calum laughs. I put the guitar down carefully.

"Thank you." I bow, giggling. Ashton hugs me.

"You're awesome." He whispers before kissing my cheek.


We order pizza and listen to music. Right now, we're listening to New Found Glory.

"I'm choosing the next song." I tell the guys. They nod and we all sing.

Me and Ashton are playing snap with cards. I am winning.

"Snap." I say again. He's down to his last card. He puts it down and it's the same.

"Snap! I won." I smile.

"Ugh, you make up for it though, because you're so damn pretty." He grins, putting the cards back into a pile. My cheeks heat. But the song ends, so I change the subject.

"Should we listen to tear in my heart by Twenty One Pilots or freak scene by Blink 182?" I ask Ash.

"Tear in my heart first." He tells me, so I put it on. Michael cheers.

"I love Twenty One Pilots!" He shouts, singing loudly.

"She's the tear in my heart, I'm alive. She's the tear in my heart, I'm on fire. She's the tear in my heart, take me higher than I've ever been!" We all sing at the top of our lungs.

"I need a drink, I'll be back." Ashton smiles, standing up. As he walks out, he glances at me.

"Come with me." He mouths. I follow.

We walk into the kitchen and all we can hear is the faint sound of the music. He walks up to me.

"Did you like that, yesterday?" He asks. I smile.

"Yeah." I reply.

"We could do it again soon if you want." He whispers with a smirk. I exhale deeply.

"We could," I start. "But what about Luke?" I ask.

"I do have my own house, y'know." He laughs. I giggle.

"Can I come over tonight then?" I ask.

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