Evie has felt on her own all her life, even in her own home, a train wreck looking for a station.

When she moves to Australia to live with her cousin Luke, she feels more alone than ever.

But she soon finds herself falling for Ashton, Luke's messy haired best friend...


4. Best friend

"Evie!" I hear someone call. I look to my right to see Calum walking towards me. I look away, because I'm crying badly.

He sits down next to me.

"So, what happened there?" He asks. I look at him, my eyes puffy from crying.

"Haven't you been on twitter lately?" I ask. He shakes his head and gets his phone out.

"Type in 5sos. Then click the first hashtag that comes up." I say. I watch as he clicks it and his jaw drops.

"Why didn't you tell anyone?" He asks. I shrug.

"Because it's my problem, no one else's." I reply, my voice is shaky from sobbing.

He scrolls through the comments, his eyes wide.


Why didn't she tell me? Or any of us? Some of the stuff our 'fans' are saying is absolutely terrible.

I go onto my account and write a new post.

Could everybody leave my friend Evie Evans the fuck alone? She's not dating any of us. She's Luke's cousin, she's staying with him because her FAMILY DIED. So if you are our fans, you'll shut the fuck up about her.

It probably won't do anything, but it might work.

Evie looks at me and smiles slightly.

"Thanks." She says quietly.

"That's okay, now let's go back. Don't you feel a bit lonely out here?" I ask. She laughs a little.

"I've been alone all my life Calum. It's nothing new." I don't know what she means by that, but it sounds like she really needs a friend.

"Okay, so at first I wanted to be your best friend only because of your accent, but now I really do want to be your best friend." I tell her.

"I do too." She replies. I pull her into a hug.

So the next chapter may or may not be about Ashton ;)

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