Evie has felt on her own all her life, even in her own home, a train wreck looking for a station.

When she moves to Australia to live with her cousin Luke, she feels more alone than ever.

But she soon finds herself falling for Ashton, Luke's messy haired best friend...


2. Australia's hot


I walk onto the plane, sit down and put my seatbelt on. The pilot speaks and I quickly turn the music up, which happens to be holiday by Green Day. I hum along as the plane darts forward and takes off.

(24 hours later)

I wake up and look out of the window, realising we're about to land. I look closer out of the window, the sunlight almost blinds me. I'm gonna be boiling in these clothes... Oh well.


I walk out of the gate, find my stuff and start to look around. I still have my hood up. I walk through the crowd, looking around. In the far distance I see four fairly tall guys that look around my age, they kinda look like they're trying too hard to be punk. One of them has brightly coloured hair. They're all shouting and jumping like five year olds. That could be them.

The tall blonde one sees me and starts walking in my direction, and the others follow.

"Um hi... Um, is your name Evie?" He asks, with a thick Australian accent. Yep, this is them. The guy with bright hair steps in.

"That's not her, it can't be. She's way too hot to be your cousin." He says. I raise an eyebrow.

"Yeah... It is actually. Is yours... Um, is your name Lucas?" I reply. The coloured haired dude's eyes widen and he walks away.

"It's just Luke actually. Anyway.. We're cousins. I'll take your suitcases. I'm sorry about... Your family." He looks down awkwardly.

"Yeah... Uh, I think your friends want to go." I look towards the three guys who are repeatedly pointing at the exit.

"Okay then, let's go!" He shouts before running towards them. I just trail behind him, walking out of the airport and into the surprisingly scorching place I now call home.

"Um Evie, aren't you a bit hot?" The guy with light brown wavy hair asks.

"Yeah, but I'm fine." I reply. Luke pulls my hood down but I pull it back up. A few girls come up to Luke, asking for an autograph. He does so and I'm a bit confused, but I ignore it.

"Wait, you never told us she was BRITISH!" The guy with dark hair squeals, walking closer to me.

"Can we be best friends?" He asks me. I just keep walking, not knowing how to reply.

"So, say something. I love the British accent!" He exclaims.

"Hello..?" I say. He smiles. Secretly, I love their accent too, but. I won't tell them that.

I stop and notice that there are a lot people staring at me and taking pictures.

"Okay, why did you give two girls your autograph and why are people taking pictures?" I finally decide to ask.

"She doesn't know?" The brightly coloured haired dude asks. I pull a confused expression.

"We're in a band called Five Seconds Of Summer. And we're pretty much world famous." (Five seconds of sexx lol) My eyes widen.

"Wait, I hear girls at school talk about you all the time! They're always saying stuff like 'Ashton Irwin is daddy as fuck' or 'I bet Calum has the biggest dick ever' It's pretty gross, so I never properly listened to you or looked at any pics of you." I tell them.

They laugh hysterically.

" 'Ashton is daddy'." Luke is literally in stitches.

"I bet anyone's dick is bigger than Cal's." The bright haired one chuckles. I get confused again.

"I'm Calum, that's Ashton. And that's Mike." The dark haired guy says, pointing to the wavy haired one and the vibrant haired dude, rolling his eyes. I nod.

So I have a cousin who's in a band and is world famous.. Not bad.

(At Luke's)

As the car turns into Luke's driveway, I see that the house is ginormous, with gates and everything.

"This is your house?" I ask, shocked.

"Yup. Yours too now." He smiles. I nod.

Ashton parks the car, we get out and get my things, then walk in to the huge house.

"MUM! EVIE'S HERE!" Luke shouts. My auntie Liz walks into the hallway, with a warm smile.

"You're here! How are you hun?" She asks in a comforting tone.

"I'm fine, just a bit tired. I didn't get much sleep." I reply.


"I was... Um, I was crying a lot." I admit. She pulls me into a hug.

"Guys, show her to her room." She tells them. "I didn't have any time to make it look homely because I only knew about all of this a few days ago. So you're free to decorate it however you'd like. You could buy some paint or something..." I smile a little.

"Thank you." I say to her before following the guys upstairs.

As we walk past the many rooms, Luke explains them to me.

"That ones for Ash and Calum when they stay over, and Mike likes his own space so that ones his. They stay over a lot." He emphasises on the last part before coming to the end of the hallway and pointing to a door.

"This room is yours. Mines just opposite, so if you need anything, I'm just here." He tells me before they all walk away and I walk into my room.

I look around. The room is huge, it even has a king sized bed. It's very plain though, just like Liz said. All the walls are a greyish colour and the carpet is a beige colour. I sigh and sit on my bed. I go onto twitter and search 'Luke Hemmings' and click on his profile.

He has millions of followers, which are probably mostly all girls. I go off and search 5sos, but accidentally click on this random fan account. I'm shocked when I see a picture of myself with the guys. The caption reads:

Who is that freaky vampire chick with 5sos? They're way too hot for this ugly emo.

What the actual fuck? So after being seen with them an hour ago, I'm already being socially attacked. I decide to read the comments, which I soon realise is a bad idea.

Wtf why she look depressed af lol

I like her shirt, but not her face. Or her.

I don't like this girl already. 5sos, you can do so much better! Look at the state of her

And that's only a few of them. I end up getting so angry, I comment back.

Hi, I'm the ugly vampire emo chick. You don't even know me, or anything about me. So fuck off and leave me the hell alone, yeah?

Within ten seconds of posting the comments, people reply, saying unimaginably mean things. The photo also starts to trend as #vampirefreakwith5sos. WHY?!! I don't even know these people. I just leave it, follow each member of the band, then lock my phone and throw it onto the floor.

"For fucks sake." I mumble. I lift my sleeve up. There are scars from months ago on my wrist. After what just happened, it's starting to get difficult to not do anything.

Song of the week: The mortician's daughter by Black Veil Brides

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