The Escape boyxboy

Hi my name is Will an i got kidnap by Evan. An his real name is actually Jackson. Since his family have alot of Jackson in the family. This is my story of how i got kidnap.


1. Getting in trouble

Will pov: Will wake up" huh"im in class right now. Duh" Will you lost your brain or something. Everybody in the class was laughing at me. That all my friend Erik fault. He should of woke me up. So i glared at him. He said Will it's not my faut i tried waking you. An will we were talking about how your favorite actor. Will&Erik stop talking. That what were doing you dumb of an excuse teacher. You know what that it get out of here an go to the principal office. Ooooo i heard the class said. I didn't mine going to the principle office. That because my lover is there.
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